Voice of a free Wales

A friend of mine from Canada who had never been to Europe let alone Wales once made the remark to me – “Wales – the most conquered country in the world.”

At least that’s what he associated with Wales.  Conquered, subdued, beaten, again and again and again.

And he was not far off the mark. I’m not talking about the 12th to 15th centuries when Norman warlords and their English lapdogs brutalized the Welsh for generations – terrorizing the gwerin with public torture displays of cruel power.

I’m talking about today – the living breathing Welsh Nation. How subdued and cowardly we’ve become. Always ready to please our masters, to do their bidding, to seek their approval – whether it’s public deference to the English Royal Family or simply lining up like sheep every four years to vote for one of the major British/English parties in London.

We have become slaves accustomed to our chains displaying a mock bravado when challenged.

This gives voice of a free Wales, marginalized but never totally silenced. Always present. Underground, but living on.

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