The Great Money Fraud

Or how Wales and the rest of the world is being totally screwed over

These last few weeks we’ve seen panic and turmoil in Euroland as the very future of the European Union is in question over the mounting debt crises in Greece, and other geographically peripheral nations.

The Technocrats have made a bid for power attempting to bring in a new EU treaty that would essentially consolidate power in Brussels to control national government’s expenditures.

In other words, democracy overturned in the name of ‘fiscal responsibility’.

The whole project is a complete sham and fraud. Let me explain why.

Nations of the European Union are like most other nations worldwide these days – they have debts that far outstrip the total supply of money.

How is that possible? Because over 95% of the money supply (around 97.2% in the UK) is debt money, fabricated by the banks out of thin air (fiat currency) as debt to be paid back with interest – for their own profits.

This ridiculous, deceitful and fraudulent system for supplying nations with a money stock is why:

  • we (governments,individuals & companies) are always in debt
  • the average debt per individual rises every year (currently average  £29,532 owed per head in the UK)
  • we have to have forced economic growth every year (until the planet packs itself in)
  • we try to achieve full employment rather than full lives

The list could go on and on because the negative effects of a fraudulent and defective monetary system is almost endless.

So why is Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland in such a debt ridden mess while France and Germany are more solvent?

It’s because of their location, on the edges of the EU transport network.

You see, taking just the Eurozone countries, the ‘free-trade’ the technocrats champion is actually economic warfare.

Because all the countries are saddled with huge unrepayable debts (because that’s where the Euro, indeed all ‘modern money’ comes from) to remain afloat it is essential to achieve a balance of trade in their favour. In other words, to keep their debts serviced they have to get money from elsewhere (sell more than they buy).

France and Germany, being in the centre of this trade zone have a physical advantage to roll out their manufactured products to the peripheral nations. The peripheral nations get the goods and the debt which keeps France and Germany from going under.

In other words, nations like Greece and Italy are helping France and Germany pay the interest on their debts while their themselves become insolvent.

In this debt-based economy, nations must engage in trade balance warfare just to survive.

Mind you, it’s survival just for the winners. There has to be losers in this system. Some one has to end up with more debt than it can keep paying the interest on. The international trade / debt system is like the children’s game Musical Chairs.

In the EU version of Musical Chairs there are a lot less chairs than players. In this latest round, Ireland, Greece, Italy Spain and Portugal have been left standing. And its’ given the unelected technocrats in Brussels all the excuse they needed to have democratically elected leaders in Greece and Italy removed and replaced by ‘Banksters’ – the people most responsible for the problems in the first place.

Listen to Max Keiser’s take on this fiasco below. He’s one of the few economists who dares to break rank and state the obvious. (Reporting from Paris via Moscow – I don’t think any Western media would allow him a voice)

If you think that we’re safe here snuggled up to England – think again.

Cameron rejected the new EU’s anti-democratic treaty – which was good – but for all the wrong reasons. He admitted (boasted even) that he wanted to protect the interests of the financial elites that make London their home. Some of the biggest crooks in the banking world, fraudulently bilking billions from the system live in London, protected by the UK establishment.

Not only is there no protection for Wales staying in the UK, we’re almost guaranteed to go down the tubes if we don’t get off this growing debt whirlpool and return to a sound monetary system – debt free Wales.

Here’s a glimpse of the latest statistics I gleaned from the Bank of England statistics:

UK Money Supply Autumn 2011

Personal debt

  • average household debt (including mortgages) £55,795
  • average owed by each adult £29,532
  • average intererst paid per houshold per year £2,440

total mortgage debt: £1,242 billion
total credit/loan debt: £209 billion
total personal debt: £1,451 billion
total commercial debt:  £1,241 billion
total Pubic (government) debt: £974 billion
total debt: £3,666 billion (or 3.666 trillion)
notes and coins (debt free money): £61 billion (or 2.8% of the total money supply)
total money supply: £2,132 billion
total money owed:   £3,666 billion
shortfall:          £1,534 billion

That’s right, the UK owes 1.5 trillion pounds more than there even exists. Talk about a black-hole debt!

In other words, if every English pound in existence went to pay outstanding debts, there would not be a penny left in any account – business, personal, or the governments – and we’d still owe 1.5 trillion … or 1,534 billion … or or 1,534,000 million …  or 1,534,000,000 … or one and a half million million.

The monetary situation in the UK and around the world is totally absurd, totally unjustified, and totally corrupt. It is virtually screwing us all – nations and people.

It’s time people woke up and opened their eyes. It’s time to proclaim that the The Emperor (the monetary system) Has No Clothes!

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  • chris m

    every pound i society has been borrowed at an interest so how do you clear the debt. You cant you continue to borrow to cover repayments and the interest i cant start printing extra money it has to be borrowed. We have been enslaved with a debt that cant be repaing because there isnt enough money in society. it criminal. Which is why. If you buy a house for 180 grand lets say youve paid off 140 grand the banks then stop lending. Businesses go bust. You lose your job. Fail your repayments then the bank gets the 140 grand youve paid an a house that is worth now 280 grand so the bank thanks to you now has assetts worth 140 grand youve paid and a 280 grand house a total of 420 grand ready to start the process again. It usually happens roughly every 25 years. The banks main function is to make money, people should remember that.

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