The Case For Welsh Independence

Wales’  incorporation into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has no legitimate or democratic basis.


The fact that a bully and tyrant known as Henry VIII unilaterally annexed Wales in to England in 1536 has no more moral basis that Adolf Hitler’s annexation of Czechoslovakia in 1939.

In the latter case we went to war to free the conquered and occupied territories of Europe. And now the score is settled.

Not so with Wales. Justice has yet to prevail. Accounts have yet to be settled.

If the Welsh people had been approached by Henry VIII, or any representative of the English nation at any time and offered a proposal of union that the Welsh could have time to debate among themselves and have a referendum, then fair enough, the union between Wales and England would have a sound, democratic, and legitimate basis.

But no such debate or vote ever took place. England and Westminster has no legitimate claim to exercise power over the Welsh nation.

I can hear the critics now saying “But the Welsh don’t want separation”.

The fact is that living in Wales means you are subjected to 24/7 brainwashing, biased slants on events, lies, and falsification from birth to death. Coming out of the telly, radio, taught in school, daily newspapers – truth and ‘reality’ twisted to suit the powers that be.

As a conquered nation we have lost our natural self-confidence. As a nation blanketed by an endless stream of English propaganda disguised as news and entertainment we remain confused with a false sense of allegiances that do not serve our collective self-interest.

No, we may not be falling over ourselves to embrace independence in such circumstances.  In fact, its almost a miracle that we still exist.

Henry VIII started the ball rolling when he declared that Welsh laws were abolished along with Cymraeg – English language and law becoming the official tools of state power and justice.

Today we call it cultural genocide. That’s right. For the past five centuries the English powers that be have attempted to snuff out Wales and the Welsh.

But were still here. Confused with our head stuffed daily with all sorts of twisted truth and lies perhaps. But still here.

Kind of puts the old dismissal “but the Welsh don’t want independence” in context, doesn’t it?

The only legitimate way Wales could be in union with England is to allow Wales freedom for at least one generation where we control our own media and reality, teach brutally honest Welsh history in schools (and stop obsessing about the Battle of Hastings and William Shakespeare). Give us a generation to clear our heads of all the rubbish that’s been shoved in there. Then we can have an honest and open debate and referendum on union with England.

And you know what? After a generation of breathing the air of freedom, do you really think we’ll be eager to give it all up and go back to our servile position as playing England’s second fiddle and cheap resource basket?


  • Neilyn

    Independence may come sooner than most people think. The growing discomfort in the British Establishment and the horribly anglocentric London media is evident. The dilemma for the Westminster Government post-devolution is how to concede to the legitimate calls for greater autonomy and control of resources and financial levers from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland whilst simultaneously maintaining their precarious hold on the loyalty of the native populations. A United Kingdom of “equal nations” is the only hope, but it’s going to be a hard nut to crack simply because it goes against the grain for Unionism.

    It’ll be interesting to hear what David Cameron has to say to our National Assembly today!

  • Mike

    Wales should have full independence and have its own monarchy which would legitimise Wales’ independence.

    Plaid Cymru is a Socialist political party which should not be supported.

    Welsh independence now!

  • trevor owen

    Homeland Wales can be free. Kick the English Out.

  • Boyg Thoruboi

    Plaid Cymru is a socialist party. Support Plaid Cymru for socialist independence now!

  • Excellent site- a MUST READ for every republican and members of the House of Lords.

  • Alysandre Royale

    Wales needs to be a free and independent nation from the English parliament and should have a democratic government and the same with Scotland. Free the British Isles!

  • Carwyn Thomas

    Mae’n hen bryd i’r sais fynd adre a gadael Cymru i’r Cymry.
    Fe godwn ni eto!!

  • Rhys Cadwaladr

    Mae’n hen bryd i gael gwared o’r Saeson, Cenedlaetholwyr Prydeinig, a’r Teulu Brenhinol sydd yn costio miliynau o £au i Gymru lle does neb eisiau nhw!

  • nick

    wales should be freed from english rule we dont want them here and we dont need them we want freedom

  • Lloyd Thomas

    This website is brilliant, outlines all of the reasons that we should become an independent nation. If only people would stop listening to the bollocks the media churn out about how being part of the UK is somehow “Better”. We need to get the information to everyone in Cymru, then there may be a chance of being free’d from the grasp of the UK.

  • dean forster

    free wales saxon coburgs go

  • Stefen Felix

    Welsh independence now!!!!

  • Keith Parry

    It is time to start campaigning for a Free Wales. Plaid Cymru needs to up its games in this direction. Look out for Cymru Rydd welsh Republicans on the web and Facebook.

  • read all about it read all about it wales going to be independant….cardif al the way…..cant wait to get out from the english london…evil grip

  • Fêrnádo-Śhâwn Hôwéll-Bràgañçza

    Wales needs to be a free republic or a kingdom in its own right ….NO MEMBERS OF BRITAINS ROYAL HOUSE
    I’m proud of my Welsh heritage !! Freedom from Britain .
    All Britain is England Scotland & Ireland .. We are never noticed .. Ever
    We need to be free !! I really hope to see this !! Long live the land of my fathers, the proud people of Wales, St. David & The noble Red Dragon on white & green !!! Complete freedom from britain

  • We all must up our game to the advancement of our independents.
    To not complain of how Cymru is being treated by England and the plastic patriots
    of Cymru is to be in agreement.
    Deffro Cymru
    Fe Godwn Ni Eto

  • chris m

    Rt news has just been taken off freeview however still on sky. Try it for a day.
    Being welsh is more than an anthem. thousands of years of bloodshed to protect our country.
    Since then a new weapon has been created it sists in every living room. Feeding your consciousness with how to dress and how to act. Whats right and whats wrong.
    Looking at the tv is the same as looking outside the only thing is the tv is mostly american.
    The tv along with poor education standards has nearly destroyed our country.
    We need to wake up and unite. Lets put some substance to the anthem we all love and lets develope the pride in our communities that we feel when our anthem is being sung.
    Be aware of the tv nothing wrong with watching it just be aware of what its doingits our enemies greatest weapon no wonder the government imposed laws to ensure everyhousehold has one.
    Its to distract u from whats already happened and to groom you into what it wants and most importantly to distract you from whats going on in our country and what the government is up to.

    • chris m

      As for plaid pro europe policy and itself as a mainstream party, its betrayel of the welsh people.
      My heart still carries the beat of my ancestors and so does every welsh persons ( fact )
      Plaid should have know that. Their argument for europe is money, so we are selling our country to the highest bidder if thats the case.
      Their priorities should have been our people, our language, our history, our culture, respect for our ancestors and the commitment to create a new independent cymru for our children. Anything less destroys thousands of years of bloodshed, unity, culture and language which is where we are right now. You cant represent our peoples best intrests by eliminating the oldest culture and langage of our people when it runs through our veins and into our hearts.

      Cryfder mewn undod

  • Gary Mayne

    Very interesting. I didn’t realise your country craved independence.
    I’m from Ireland. It was a long struggle for Irish independence & there is still conflict here because of the separation of the north from the south – which is sad. Maybe in this day & age when the world is in such a mess unity is better.

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