Money talks while Welsh Assembly Members plug their ears

The Grip of Death Monetary ReformEach and every Welsh Assembly member was alerted, at least once, possibly many times, of the importance to attend the talk about money where the roots of the economic recession and excessive debt burdens would be clearly explained.

They were reminded that ‘ignorance is not bliss’ when it came to understanding where money and debt came from – especially since they are in part responsible, through ignorance and inaction, for the sad shape the Welsh economy is currently in.

Out of 60 over-paid Assembly Members alerted, a grand total of six, or 10%,  bothered to show up, listed below:

  1. Darren Miller, Conservative
  2. Alun Ffred Jones, Plaid Cymru
  3. Paul Davies, Conservative
  4. Angela Burns, Conservative
  5. Mark Drakeford, Labour
  6. Julie Morgan, Labour

(Chwarae Teg to Darren Miller who convened Ben’s talk.)

Ben Dyson of Positive Money gave a clear talk about the the origins of our debt crises, explaining how the banks have fraudulently taken over the money supply as interest-bearing debt and now we are all swamped in unrepayable debt (considering we owe more money than there even exists!).

Ben is top-notch at explaining the source of the problem and pointing out exactly how the banks are sucking us dry like leeches forcing us into poverty and “austerity measures” when we should be rolling in riches given the productive capacity of modern industrial society. However, when it comes to solutions, he is sorely lacking.

Perhaps typical for a London-based man, he can’t seem to envision a solution that isn’t centralist and undemocratic. When it comes to managing a debt-free money stock for the economy he is actually dismissive of democratically elected representatives claiming they ‘can’t be trusted’, preferring an unelected body (in London no doubt) to control the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland and Great Britain‘s money supply.

So in other words, he proposes to get people in control of the money supply that is not democratically accountable and cannot be removed by the demos. Of course that’s exactly what we have today were approximately 80 private bankers control virtually the entire UK money stock, how much is  produced, and where it goes.

The difference with Ben’s solution is that the money wouldn’t be created by private banks out of nothing as interest-bearing debt but created from within the government as a debt-free money stock for the UK State. This would be far better that the ridiculous system we slave under these days. but sticks to centralized unaccountability – or to put it in another way, anti-democratic autocracy, no matter how ‘good-willed’ it may be in principle.

Soon after Ben finished his presentation questions were solicited. After the present Assembly Members were given priority with a few timid questions they all got up and left – before discussion with members of the public got going. Typical.

So they didn’t hear our concerns about Ben’s centralized solution. Nor did they hear my proposal that the Welsh Assembly convert their 18 billion pounds yearly block grant from London (or however much it is) into physical gold stocks securely stored somewhere in Wales. We could then produce 18 billion Welsh pounds, backed by gold, to run public services, in stark contrast to the virtually worthless English and Scottish pounds.

Given the escalating price of gold as the debt-based economies continue to collapse, in 5 years Wales would be awash with somewhere around 200 billion in gold reserves and 200 billion gold-backed pounds circulating through our economy, while England chocked on its debts.

Our only concern then would be limiting the huge influx of economic migrants from England!

The public cheered the idea – while Ben looked a little pale. Like the saying goes, you can take the lad out of London, but you can’t take London out of the lad!

Remember, I emailed each and every Assembly Member about the talk and underlined the fact to them that “ignorance is not bliss” when it comes understanding money and the economy. It would appear, given their dismal attendance record and the conduct of the few who came, that they beg to differ.

UK court spreads fear and ignorance in jailing tweeter

uk justiceLast week a Swansea university student from Pontypridd was convicted of ‘a racially-aggravated public order offense‘ for making an offense comment on twitter about footballer Fabrice Muamba. The student was convicted and sentenced to 56 days in jail.

There are two disturbing elements to this case.

First, it was not reported on the radio news what the offensive comments were, other than they were deemed by the court to be racist. I have also looked on news sites for the comments but they are not reproduced.

So all we know is that someone was sent to jail for writing something deemed racially offensive by the courts. Not knowing what the courts consider offensive keeps us all ignorant and in fear. Which brings me to my second concern – the punishment.

Racism is a product of ignorance and fear (two qualities that the human species have in abundance). Is sticking the student in jail for 56 days going to enlighten him and make a better, safer society for all? No chance. Much better to get racists to re-examine their beliefs and values and nurture more positive values in themselves and others.

In short, you don’t cure ignorance and fear through corporal punishment (and incarceration is a type of corporal punishment). You don’t cure ignorance and fear by concealing the words that the court found offensive and punishable.

The stupidity of the racist comments are mirrored by the stupidity of the court’s reaction. Ignorance and fear, the breeding grounds of racism have been increased, not diminished.

This case was an ideal opportunity for an open and honest public debate about racism and language deemed to be offensive, and the beliefs that foster those sentiments.

Instead, the UK media and justice system used it to instill further ignorance and fear, revealing the true nature of the UK justice. Its methods of social control compound ignorance and fear – in contradistinction to an open, tolerant, democratic society.

What do muslims really think?

mosque cardiff

Shah Jalal mosque, Cardiff

If you’ve ever wondered what our muslim neighbours think about things like freedom, democracy, Western values and their new home here in Wales, the results of these polls may be of interest to you.

Of course many muslims are good decent people and may make good neighbours, but the values inherent in Islam are concerning.

The religion of peace contains a supremacist political ideology and remains opposed to many of our values of including freedom of expression and democratic principles.

If nothing else, the result of these polls shows we need to start start an open and frank discussion with our muslim neighbours. We also need to get firm on practices in the muslim community, such as female genital mutilation (which is on the rise in Wales) and reassert our values of common decency.

But the dialogue has to start. It is no longer acceptable to pander to the victim card being played, or give false praise of ‘cultural diversity.’

Violence in Defense of Islam

Policy Exchange: One third of muslims in Britain believe anyone who leaves Islam should be killed

Center for Social Cohesion: One third of muslim students in Britain support killing for Islam

NOP Research: 78% of muslims in Britain support punishing the publishers of Muhammad cartoons;

NOP Research: Hardcore Islamists comprise 9% of the muslim population in Britain;
Another 29% would “aggressively defend” Islam;

GfK NOP: 28% of muslims in Britain want the UK to be an Islamic state


ICM Poll: 40% of muslims in Britain want Sharia in the UK

NOP Research: 68% of muslims in Britain support the arrest and prosecution of anyone who insults Islam;

Honour Killings

BBC Poll: 1 in 10 muslims in Britain support killing a family member over “dishonor”.

95% of honor killings in Europe are perpetrated by muslim fathers and brothers or their proxies.


ICM Poll: 20% of muslims in Britain sympathize with 7/7 bombers

NOP Research: 1 in 4 muslims in Britain say 7/7 bombings were justified


2017 postscript: This post was first published in 2012 and most of the poll results are over 5 years old. Has things improved since then? Or gotten worse?

UK Titanic – time to prepare the Welsh lifeboats?

welsh lifeboat

Kate wastes champaign on Welsh lifeboat, Prince William knows his place 🙂

The entire financial world is going down the tubes. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure that one out. Even the BBC lets little hints of the crises slip out now and then.

The gangsters (or Banksters to use modern slang) running the world economy for their own profit and everyone else’s debt misery are largely centred, coddled and protected in London.

It makes no difference whether the Conservatives, Labour or Liberal Democrats are running the UK, the entire British political establishment are puppets and mouthpieces of the Banksters.

Here in Wales the silence of our nationalist party, Plaid Cymru, is deafening. They rattle on about ‘creating more jobs’, just like their British counterparts in London, but are unwilling to stick their head above the parapet, to speak the simple and obvious truth – that the Global Financial Emperor (that we are currently enslaved to), Has No Clothes!

We don’t need more jobs – we need income security and less debt. You don’t get that with jobs in a global economy collapsing under the death-weight of fraudulent debt bonds.

There has never been a time in human civilization where real wealth is so abundant due to the technology of mass production. Yet we live in a world of company warehouses overflowing with cheap crap that still can’t all be sold due to insufficient purchasing power.

We are inhabiting a world being suffocated by debt and starved of cash.

The goal of ‘balancing budgets’ in practice means increasing the burden debt (representing almost the entire money supply – 98% in the UK) on the increasing poor and nearly poor – reducing yet further our already far too weak purchasing power.

These new ‘austerity measures’ being introduced in the UK and Europe is like a witch-doctor demanding more leaches to be applied to the patient when the first round of leaches have failed to show any improvement.

Will Wales wake up in time to launch the Independent Lifeboat before the UK Titanic goes down?

An independent Wales with its own debt-free monetary system would be the most secure and prosperous nation on the planet. Debt-riddled countries would be lining up to do business with us – although there would be little need for us to reciprocate.

Or will we follow Plaid Cymru’s lead and be too frightened to speak up,  following everyone else like lambs to the slaughter?

As usual, Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser, speaking on Russia Today, tells it like it is – something you will never hear on the BBC.

UK – The Imminent Collapse – take it away Max 😀