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A Welsh Republican Response to the Impending Royal Wedding

Disclaimer: Apart from a brief visit in January I have been out of Cymru since last summer, sailing to Ireland, later Lanzarote, and now find myself in the West Indies. So I’m not totally up on current events.

Despite my distance, I’ve gathered from the BBC world service that a big royal wedding dodo is planned for this spring sometime. Prince William is getting married to his longtime girlfriend whats-her-name. (I do however have a dim memory of what the bride-to-be looks like having seen a picture of the couple on a tabloid cover a long time ago – a pretty girl with long brown hair?)

My guess is that most of the English will make a big hullabloo over this and the BBC, fulfilling its mission, will try to give the impression that the Welsh and Scottish admire and respect the English Aristocracy as much as the English themselves. They will be correct to a degree – or more specifically the Welsh who were born prior to 1935 – a generation that has been remarkably brainwashed into veneration of everything “British” facilitated by the trauma of World War 2.

For some reason I have the notion that the couple will be wedded in Wales, maybe Caernarvon Castle? If that’s the case, there will surely be Welsh nationalist “protesters” denouncing royalty with placards and the like, who in turn will be totally and utterly ignored by the entire British media machine.

As a republican committed to an independent Welsh Republic (outside the European Union like the two most prosperous and happy nations in Western Europe – Norway and Switzerland), what’s my take on the up and coming royal wedding ?

I will give this event all the attention it deserves. In other words I’m going to ignore it. And that, I believe is the best course for all us died-in-the-wool nationalists.

Suppose you make an anti-royal protest and surprisingly get some media attention (highly unlikely as it may be). What’s the end result? You come across right sourpuss. A miserable unhappy spoiler. You won’t further the cause of Welsh independence one iota.

The entire social pyramid of aristocracy so carefully crafted by the Normans (and stupidity worshiped by the subjugated English) is a really rotten social order. But on another level I almost feel sorry for those who were born into the royal family. It’s akin to being born into a jail. The cage is public scrutiny and there is no escape. It is a life sentence.

So I have no desire to try and make their miserable lives even worse through public protest against a young couple hitching the knot (although I’ve never cared for marriage myself but that’s an issue for another post in the future).

royal wedding in walesIf it is being held in Wales we should get busy at making souvenirs to sell to the masses of silly English who will flock to the occasion. When it’s over they’ll take home their Made in Wales royal wedding t-shirts, hats,tea towels,plates,etc. and we’ll be left with our pockets stuffed full of English pounds and a smile on our face :D.

A royal wedding isn’t something to love or hate. It’s certainly not something to be taken too seriously. Only the mentally deficient get wrapped up in royal soap operas. Don’t you be one of the bumpkins either adoring or decrying the event.

So to sum up, just ignore it. Paying it attention, either negative or positive, just feeds it.

Wales is on the road (slowly but surely) to regain its rightful independence. And it really doesn’t matter two hoots whether England remains socially retarded cringing and bowing before their ‘superiors’, or if they become once again a Republic, as it was in the 1650’s.

Wales is not England and England is not Wales.