Will the Scottish referendum be held again soon?

For the past two years years I have been in Scotland much of the time helping drive the Yes campaign forward. (Hence I have been less involved in debates here in Wales.)

I was pleased to see Leanne Wood unequivocally come out in support of independence for Scotland in the last couple of weeks leading up to the vote.

Alas the politics of fear, threats, distortion, and in some case outright lies won. Given the demographics and voting patterns, it could be said that the older generation of Scots trampled on the future of the younger generations (the majority of over 55 voters voted No while the majority of under 55’s voted Yes).

The day after the referendum I drove to Glasgow from Lochinver in the far Northwest. It was a sombre drive. My partner, who had puts her guts and soul into the campaign, cried on and off.

But now, with Scottish referendum behind me and  a couple of weeks of reflection on, I am more hopeful for the future of Scotland (and by proxy, Wales). Below is a video by Tarig Ali reflecting on the events that led to the referendum on Scottish independence, the respective campaigns, and the aftermath. He argues that Scotland will achieve independence much sooner than we think and another independence referendum may only be a few years away. And the next time, the UK establishment campaign of fear will not prevail.

I hope he’s right. First Scotland – then Wales!

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