Royal Wedding Disapointment

I just got in after 18 days at sea and discovered the grand royal wedding of William and Kate was done and dusted.

No big deal. I have no obsession with the royals or any other celebrities for that matter.

But I was mildly disappointed it wasn’t held in Wales. We missed out on making a small mint selling souvenirs to crowds of brainwashed English folk.

Don’t know why I was thinking it was to take place in Caernarfon. Maybe I got it muddled with the coronation thing.

But no grudges. Let the English have their day with their silly hats and union jacks. I only feel sorry for the small number of royalist adoring Welsh morons. There are a still a few around – almost all over 80 years of age mind you.

Weddings come and go. Royal lines come and go. And in time, the English grip on our nation will go.

It’s loosening every day, every month every year.

It is no longer a question of if Wales will be free but simply when it will be free Рfree to carve out its own destiny  Рan ancient nation with a solid future.

The king is dead. Long live the Welsh Republic.

Fe ddaw ein dydd.

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  • Neilyn

    Free Wales,
    Just discovered your blog and read your posts – excellent, inspiring stuff. Just what I needed to lift my spirits after the recent Royal nonsense and the current grovelling going on in Ireland. I particularly like your posts on Reasons for Independence – I couldn’t agree more. Please keep at it!
    Cyfarchion o’r Gogledd.

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