Muslim Free Wales?

Muslim in WalesOver the past few years I have become increasingly aware of a growing Muslim presence in Cardiff – most visibly in figures shrouded in black sheets with only their eyes showing – the “liberated” Muslim woman.

I find the growing Muslim presence in Wales alarming – not because I’m a “narrow-minded racist” as the liberal left likes to dismiss anyone who dares question the increasing multiculturalism of Europe – but because I see a threat to our value of basic tolerance and freedom.

In truth, I once considered myself a bit of a liberal leftist and embraced our Muslim brothers and sisters thinking we were all going to have a jolly time together. It is only after extensive reading and studying the issues of Muslim immigration to Europe that I have realized the folly of my acceptance of Islam among us.

By and large Muslim immigrants in Europe (and that includes Wales) are not immigrants in the common sense of the term. They are colonists. An immigrant becomes a member of the country he or she moves to, adapting the local values and social norms. Colonists have no interest in integrating but are hell bent on imposing their values and social norms onto their new home.

You don’t have scratch the surface of the growing Muslim presence to see the what’s at stake. The fact is that many Muslims are not simply failing to integrate, they are positioning themselves as enemies within.
Islamic intolerance and threatsThe biggest threat for our future is demographics. The indigenous European population is not reproducing at a sustainable rate but the incoming Muslim population is multiplying and expanding rapidly.

Currently numbered at around 25 million, Muslims will form the majority in 20 years if trends continue. We will then all be living under Sharia Law in the UK (Sharia courts have already been established here).

My wake up call to the growing threat of Islam to the West came from a rather unexpected source, the author Aayan Hirsi Ali, a Somalian Muslim women who emigrated to Holland where her eyes were opened to Western values.

Like many other Islamic women she suffered horrific abuse growing up including genital mutilation which is still widely practised throughout the Islamic world including the UK and Europe.

Infidel by aayan hirsi ali coverThis brave woman became an outspoken critic of the growing Muslim communities in Holland – a source of intolerance and violence against women.

She investigated and made public the growing number of ‘honour killings’ in Holland and was later elected as a member of the Dutch Parliament.

She then produced a short film called Submission (the meaning of ‘Islam’) with Amsterdam film maker Theo van Gogh.

Theo Van Gogh was later murdered on his bicycle in Amsterdam by a Muslim emigrant for making the film. A note was pinned to his chest with a knife claiming Ayaan would be next. She had to go into hiding and even to this day her life is in threat.

The growing Islamic presence in Europe reflects a moral weakness in the UK and the EU. In the name of ‘tolerance’ and ‘multiculturalism we are bending over backwards to accommodate a religion and culture that glorifies the subjugation of women (including beating of wives, female genital mutilation, family “honour” killing, and forcing women to dress like black rubbish bags). We have become apologists for a backwards mentality stuck in the medieval age where rape victims are blamed and punished and homosexuals and adulterers are punished by death.

Let’s grow a backbone and say enough is enough to this creeping social poison in our communities. There is no room for Islam in Western civilisation. It’s been a long and hard struggle to achieve the degree of freedom of thought and action we have. Why are we so keen to give it up to appease the Islamic bigots?

Last word to Irish-born Pat Condell – one of the few people left unafraid to speak the truth about Islam in Europe.


  • Excellent, thought-provoking piece! Congratulations!!

  • RHC

    Or diwedd rhywun sydd ddim yn poeni bod yn ‘Politcally incorrect’ a dweud eu barn yn erbyn crefydd fwyaf ignorant yn y byd!

  • Gryffn

    Finally, the concept in my head has been put into words! Thank you! I have been describing this Muslim infiltration as the spaceships in the movie “Independence Day”. They took up positions over major cities until a coordinated attack could take place.
    Muslims have been placing themselves in the oddest of places, and I knew there was a reason. They are waiting…
    I was hoping Wales might be a place of escape (from the US) 🙂

  • amy

    It is too late now. We have lost our country, if you can get out – get out! There will be blood on the streets soon, move countries – out of UK! If I can afford to, I will be gone straight away.
    See how they get on in our country when us tax payers leave, it will be horrendous.

  • John

    So is this a case of everyone can be Welsh as long as they not English or believe in Islam? I believe the Native people of Wales deserve a future where they will not be a marginalised ethnic group which is the way the English are going in England.

    The 2011 census showed the White British population in England is 79.4%. Considering the census excludes illegals, those on ‘short term’ stays and it being 3 years ago then I would say the English are pretty close to 75%. That is half way to becoming a minority in their own homeland. We need to make sure this does not happen to Wales.

    “It is too late now. We have lost our country, if you can get out – get out! There will be blood on the streets soon, move countries – out of UK! If I can afford to, I will be gone straight away.
    See how they get on in our country when us tax payers leave, it will be horrendous.”

    Unless you move to Eastern Europe all Western Countries are being hit with an exponential rate of mass immigration and high non-native birth rates. France, Belguim, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Spain, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Austria, Norway, Finland and worst of all Sweden…

  • The anti English pro Muslim,feminist what a joke biggots..are traitors of the highest order,just like plaid cymru party of everyone except the English…Their hatred of the English knows no bounds…but they love Islam welsh TV news and all the papers in wales are the same scum,treacherous scum of the highest order.
    And the queen sold out many years ago…useless figurehead.

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