Frizbee kicks butt

Wales has some amazing talent in the the arts, particularly music.

Take Frizbee for Blaenau Festiniog for example.

Pity Welsh talent doesn’t get enough support, either from the larger Media wheels like BBC, or from the public, to flourish.

In an independent Wales where people could afford to follow their passions backed by a supportive infrastructure, culture and a sufficient income for all regardless of employment, our talented citizens could grow and develop in an facilitative atmosphere.

– – –

Sufficient income for all – without have a ‘proper’ job? I can hear people remarking. The fact is that a basic income, created as a government-backed fiat currency as a central plank of monetary reform, paid to all citizens regardless of employment or savings, is not only financially feasible but would be economically beneficial in a Debt Free Wales (or any Western country for that matter).

When we are no longer slaves of this phoney debt economy, the creative side of the Welsh can and will flourish.

In the meantime I can only admire the tenacity of Welsh artists and musicians to continue creating in this poisonous unsupportive atmosphere.


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