EU election in Wales 2014 – Why I won’t be voting for Plaid Cymru

Wales EU election 2014Just like many people in the south Wales valleys who line up every election to vote for Labour – largely out of unthinking cultural conditioning – many people across Wales will vote for Plaid Cymru in the EU election in Wales 2014.

Like their Labour-voting counterparts, they will do so believing it is the best choice for the Welsh nation and their patriotic duty.

However, if they stopped to consider the consequences of their actions, the consequences of supporting an ever growing European Union superstate, whether it be through returning Labour or Plaid Cymru bums to EU seats, they would have to change their habits.

The fact is that the European Union is bad for Wales, possibly even worse than the UK. The sooner we get out of it, the better.

There is a mountain of evidence supporting that assertion.

For example, just the other day I got a letter from Welsh government minister Mark Drakeford concerning my petition to legislate for bilingual labelling on food products sold in Wales, (like they have in most countries with two official languages).

He clearly stated that because Welsh is not a recognised language in the EU, and the EU controls how food may be labelled in the EU zone, such Welsh legislation is a non-starter.

I replied that the Welsh government should enact the legislation anyway and fight it out in the courts if necessary. But I don’t think the Labour-led government has the backbone to stand up for Wales. Unfortunately, neither does Plaid Cymru.

jill evans EU election Wales 2014The real motivation behind Plaid Cymru’s EU election drive is Jill Evans, the party’s ‘President’, who has enjoyed the perks and pleasures of Brussels going on 15 years now. According to one Plaid Cymru insider and whistleblower, she spends much of her time in Brussels championing the political aspirations of Arabs in Palestine. Whatever she has been doing over there, she certainly hasn’t managed to get the Welsh language accepted as a legitimate.

If you believe the lie that we need the EU funds for jobs and economy then you would do best to disabuse yourself from that notion. EU funding is like the drug heroin. It may feel good when you get a shot, but it is highly addictive and will slowly kill you.

EU structural funds have one central purpose – to open up every nook and cranny of the European continent to infiltration from large international corporations. They may create a few jobs up front but at the cost of a long-term sustainable economy for our children and grandchildren. A largely independent local economy is an essential component if we are ever able to look to the future with confidence – knowing that some distant corporate decision in New York or Tokyo isn’t going to devastate our community.

It’s no surprise that the two most prosperous and economically secure countries in Western Europe, Norway and Switzerland, are the only two countries that are NOT a member of the EU.

Bottom line: not only do we not need EU finance to have a successful and vibrant economy here in Wales – we’d be far better off without it.

The evidence that the EU is actually bad for countries – especially little nations like Wales – is undeniable. We need a political movement that puts Wales first, not stand in the que with cap in hand as Plaid Cymru would have us do.

Yet like heroin addicts, Plaid Cymru, along with other professional political parties, deny the reality preferring to defend and champion their supplier, the EU.

If you need any more evidence how the EU is bad for us, just look how the troika (EU, ECB, & IMF) has gutted and asset-stripped Greece throwing the entire country into mass unemployment and poverty with no end in sight.

They have sold the Irish into perpetual debt-slavery, and similar harsh measures are in store for Italy, Spain and Portugal.

The EU latest antic, now acting like a superstate complete with a foreign minister (Baroness Ashton), has been instigating the overthrow of an elected government in Ukraine (that wasn’t pro EU) and supporting a pro EU fascist take-over.

Do you really want to be part of this monster? Wake up folks!

If there’s one thing that all pro EU parties say – it’s that the EU needs to be changed. Indeed. The fact is that the EU will only continue to grow in power until we are all completely under the thumb of the unelected commissionaires of Brussels.

For the sake of of Wales, indeed for the sake of Europe, DO NOT vote for Plaid Cymru or any other party that wants to stay in the European Union.

Vote for one of the parties that DO NOT support EU. Or spoil your ballet. Or don’t vote.

Here’s a list of political parties running in the 22 May EU election in Wales:

In the GET OUT OF EU camp

Britain First

British National Party


Socialist Labour Party



In the STAY IN EU camp

Conservative Party

Green Party

Labour Party

Liberal Democrat Party

Plaid Cymru

Also on the Welsh ballot paper, the Socialist Party of Great Britain will be represented. They don’t seem to have any policy regarding the EU so it’s any one’s guess.

There is no mainstream political party with the resolve to speak the truth about the EU but if your politics is left-leaning then the NO2EU with frontrunner Robert Griffiths (formerly of the now defunct Communist Party) is probably the best place to vote. Or the Socialist Labour Party (although the name puts me off).

If your politics are more right-leaning then you can take your pick. UKIP is slated to do well in England, but its fate in Wales remains to be seen.

Personally, I don’t know who I’m going to vote for this election. If there was a choice to select “None of the above”, that would probably be my choice 😉 .








  • John

    I suspect that I am Mr average in Wales,having worked for the last 47 years brought up a family and paid a lot of tax.I suppose I have been lucky to have had continuous employment and not having had to work for low wages and poor conditions.
    But being a socialist I want to see help given to the elderly and a good education system etc etc but what I resent most is civil servants on massive wages in the UK as well as Brussels when so many are being taking advantage of in the workplace just to support even greater company profit.
    Yes Wales is a poor nation and sadly billions £,s have been wasted on the Welsh language just to please the ever decreasing few.

  • Matthew

    I didn’t vote in the EU election because I really can’t see any benefit to Cymru. Further, I used to be an active member/voter of Plaid Cymru for 40 years but, unfortunately, I just can’t see the party achieving independence for Cymru. I sincerely hope Scotland secure independence, the SNP have fought long and hard for it, unlike Plaid Cymru. If Scotland can’t break away from the UK, Cymru doesn’t stand a chance of doing it!

    I agree most about what John said in his comment, but not about money being wasted on the Welsh language. The Welsh language is a vital part of our Welsh identity, as important as its history, amongst other things, of course.

    Cymru am Byth/Fe godwn ni eto!

  • Matthew

    We need independence now! I’m absolutely tired of this shit, we need to break away from British rule as soon as possible! I’ve waited 40 years for Welsh freedom and I’m not prepared to wait any longer! If anyone has any ideas on how to secure independence for Cymru please let me know; a hunger strike might be one alternative. Don’t forget, Cymru was taken by force, the people of Cymru were not consulted and I for one am prepared to suffer for Welsh freedom, whatever that might entail. Cymru am byth.

  • Matthew

    I’m going to say this, but some people might be offended but I don’t care! I’ve attended a few Welsh marches/gatherings and some people have treated me as an outsider, a plant, an establishment spy! However, my alliance is to Cymru, so these minor problems will not deter me from our goal, which is the freedom and independence for Cymru. Obviously, people reading this will say that words are cheap, but I’m prepared to put my words and convictions to the test. Britishness will fall, eventually, it’s just a matter of time. Time is running out for Britishness, it’s inevitable! “You might not think about politics, but politics thinks about you”. Think about it!
    Cymru am byth!

  • Matthew

    I’ve changed my email address, so had to leave a comment otherwise I wouldn’t receive further notifications of comments and posts.

    Cymru am byth!

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