Autochthonous Politics – Swim or Sink

celtic revivalFirst a word about politics. Many have been duped into the notion that politics is all about political parties, governments and ruling classes. That’s true, but only to a point. Politics is about power. Primarily about how power is exercised among people.

In the broader sense, a family is a political unit – where power may be shared, or hogged. All relationships among people are governed by power relations, whether they be egalitarian or otherwise.

Politics is also about groupings, and how they interact, to co-operate or oppose each other. Hence we have gay politics, feminist politics, environmental politics, religious politics, cultural and national politics.

I want to focus on the last two types of politics as they relate to Wales in particular and the larger world in general.

Lets start with the new census figures where the Welsh language use is shrinking. Politicians (that are part of the system that is slowly but surely killing us) will bemoan these figures and postulate all sorts of new incentives to ‘reverse the trend’.

But what they won’t say is the simple truth: that we are part of a global hegemony that is slowly but surely grinding us down. They falsely believe these forces cannot not be resisted but simply accommodated while they seek their places in the “new order”.

(We all know that constant English immigration to Wales is killing us. Isn’t it time we simply stated the obvious?)

If we persist in this mindset and simply ‘go along’, small nations and cultures like Wales all over the world will be ground down and fed into the global multicultural meat grinder.

Of course we have a choice, and the choice I am championing in this rant is autochthonous politics, sink or swim.

I dream of a world where when you travel you experience different cultures rooted to their place and traditions – not where you find a MacDonald’s, KFC and Coca Cola in every corner while music industry pop music blares on.

A world where you can experience diversity. A world where you can still marvel.

As much as the ruling classes and their lackeys will deny it, we Welsh are the natives of Britain, not the English. We not simply have a right, but indeed a duty to preserve our heritage, and the land we hold, for the future of the planet if not just ourselves.

So what would autocthanous politics be like, you ask? It is a politics that first and foremost values the land. The land which gave us birth and to which is ours, and ours alone, and which our future generations will live on. It is not ours to squander or treat as an object for individual gain. It is our inheritance to treasure and pass on. We must never let it be taken over by others.

Autocthanous politics would move towards a Wales were power is shared, not concentrated. It would be a politics based on land, livelihood, and kinship – a characteristic of Celtic culture (that have been under relentless attack from the Anglo-Norman power elites for close to a thousand years).

You can buddy up to the power elites if you wish. It is the path for cowards, those who lack confidence in themselves and their kinsfolk. And if indeed, this trend continues we will be living in a culturally impoverished world.

I dream of a world were politics and power is shared. Where distinct cultures are allowed to flourish. A world where I can travel and experience diversity and wonder.

What does this mean for Wales, here and now? It means we need to get back to the basics. We need to forge a system that serves us, individually, locally, and nationally. We need to get back to our cultural roots.

I am not postulating a ‘free’ centralised Welsh state. That’s the mindset of the Anglo-Normans. Wales has never been a unified state. That’s our roots. That’s our Celtic culture, our clan sensibility. We are kinsmen, rooted to our piece of turf . My turf is Cwm Garw. Where’s yours?

Autochthonus politics is Welsh and Celtic in nature. It is a politics based on the care for the land and the people who has spent countless generations on it. It is not an anti-immigration policy, but one where immigration is controlled to the level that the land and culture can absorb.

A Wales based on that Celtic sensibility of interwoven power shared among the people is possible. A politics of land, people, and culture, world over.

A world of diversity, not uniformity. As a world traveller that is what I live for. Are you with me?

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Hwyl Fawr Fluffy Dragon

christopher trefor davies

.._.Christopher Trefor Davies ._.. bu farw Awst 2012 –

I first met the Reverend Christoper Davies back in the late 90‘s. I was a newly elected Plaid Cymru councillor in Bridgend C.B.C. and Chris was a practicing Baptist minister with a parish in Sheffield England. He was also running  a website called Welsh Republican Comment on an MSN platform (the platform was withdrawn by Microsoft years ago).

He would often return to the Bridgend area on his time off from church duties because he grew up in Maesteg where his aunt still lived. He considered it ‘home’.

Chris was an uncompromising radical egalitarian, vehemently opposed to the monarchist pecking order of British society. Although he had his ups and down, his commitment to republican principles never wavered.

But don’t think Chris was just another angry lefty moaning about all the injustices.  He never lost his sense of humour and liked to act the ‘class clown’ at times.

And he had his bumps, including spending a year in hospital for acute depression in 2003. They kept him drugged up to the teeth for months, but he came through to fight again, resuming the position of treasurer of the Independent Wales Party (now called Cymru Rydd).

He was a committed monetary reformer and together we were the only two delegates from Wales at the annual Bromsgrove Conference in 2004.

Around that time, one of his campaigns was against the setting up of British Army recruitment offices in the deprived areas of the Welsh valleys. He had to appear in court a number of times for spraying anti-war messages on these offices.

Despite his unswerving commitment to Welsh republicanism, Chris remained ‘organisationally challenged’. He spent a month or more organising a big Welsh Republican meeting in Cardiff University in 2006. We all showed up at the designated time and place and waited for him to show. He never did!

In the last few years Chris had taken to dressing up as a red dragon calling himself Fluffy Dragon, or Comrade Fluffy Dragon, or Lord Comrade Fluffy Dragon. Despite his trials and tribulations his humour would always shine through.

lord fluffy dragon as comrade cowThe last time we got together was at the Queen’s diamond jubilee visit to Merthyr Tydfil in April this year. I picked him up from his place and drove him to the costume rental shop downtown Cardiff. Five minutes later he comes back with a cow costume! They had rented out the only red dragon costume so he opted be be a cow instead. Cows against Monarchy!

This summer I was in Canada working on a boat project but we kept in touch via Skype. We were planning a campaign of political public art (aka graffiti), having already dropped off stencils at his place. He sounded positive and seemed to be looking forward to my return. So when I heard of his sudden death in August I was stunned.

Whether you agree with Chris’ politics and actions or not, I think everyone would agree that he was a character, and the world is a poorer place without him.

Plaid Cymru Duplicity

A long time ago in a previous century I joined Plaid Cymru because I’m a Welsh nationalist who believes in the importance of the Welsh nation reclaiming its right to be a free and independent people.

Out of nostalgia I still have my Party card with the aims stated on the back, foremost among them:

  • Sicrhau hunan-lwyodraeth i Gymru a sefydlu gwladwriaeth ddemocrataidd, yn seliedig ar egwyddorian sosialaidd.
  • To secure self-government for Wales and a democratic Welsh state, based on socialist principles.

A “democratic Welsh state” is simply another way of saying a Welsh Republic.  So why didn’t they say it?  Probably due to Plaid Cymru’s longstanding and greatest fault – institutionalised fear of upsetting anyone, especially the British Establishment.

Another problem with that aim was the escape clause – “based on socialist principles”. Nothing wrong with socialist principles – unless they supersede democratic principles – which they clearly do in this aim.

In a democratic state, a genuine republic, the people decide on what principles they which to be governed – not a sanctimonious inner circle of smug patronising intellectuals who feel they know better than y werin, the commoners.

And that’s always been the problem with Plaid Cymru – a party run by an Ivory Tower Inner Circle that holds in disdain the views and interests of the grass-roots membership and in tandem, the Welsh people themselves.  Perhaps on some gut level people can sense this – which would go a long way to explain the inability of Plaid Cymru to become a the main political force in our country.

In 2001 when this smug inner circle staged a coup of the Party’s aims wiping out the old ones and replacing them with watered down new ones – designed to offend no one – with no mention of an independent Welsh state. It was pushed through in a ‘special conference’ in Builth Wells.

Despite myself and a couple of other Welsh nationalists passionately arguing against this betrayal, the majority of the delegates behaved like sheep and approved the changes to please their masters.

The majority of Party delegates betrayed the principles and founders of Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru (as it was first known) out of sheer acquiescence and cowardice, deferring to the Party’s  inner circle  – who were more than ready to sell out their own Party and country to please their masters – the UK establishment.

Sheep, the lot of them. That’s also the day I left Plaid Cymru as it was no longer a place for Welsh republicans (if it ever was).

So here we are 10 years on, A ‘fakebook friend’ informed me that Plaid Cymru has now changed its aims once again and has introduced the word ‘independence’ into it’s aims. Sure enough, the new foremost aim reads:

“secure independence for Wales in Europe”

The problem with this newly worded aim is that it’s an oxymoron – meaning that it contradicts itself and is virtually meaningless. How so?

“In Europe” can mean only one thing – being a member of the European Union. The fact is – you cannot be simultaneously be a member of the European Union and independent – any more than Wales can be independent and part of the UK.

Both political structures, the UK and the EU, represent an erosion of democracy and self-determination. It is rule from a distant body outside the democratic control of the people.

Independence in the European Union? What a joke. It’s hard to say if those who worded this new aim are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the Party membership – or they are just too thick themselves to grasp the contradiction.

For those who would argue that we have to be in the European Union for the sake of our economy (yes, we’re back on our knees again), it might be worthwhile to point out that the two most prosperous and secure nations in Western Europe are the two who are not members of the EU – namely Norway and Switzerland.

Membership in the EU would not only rob us of the independence we crave, it would also impoverish us in the long-run, after we have spent the financial bribes that will undoubtedly be offered to keep us under our new master’s thumb.

Take a look at Ireland. What a sad story that is. They gave their blood, sweat and tears to win independence from the UK only a couple of generations ago. Now their cowardly politicians have handed it back to Brussels resulting in Ireland becoming a  bankrupt vassal state of Euroland. Way to go guys!

Irish-born Pat Condell tells the story of the Irish experience of European Union membership without all the bullshit we’ve come accustomed to mainstream media fact twisting.

Let it be a warning to Wales, and those EU loving sycophants in Plaid Cymru.

Frizbee kicks butt

Wales has some amazing talent in the the arts, particularly music.

Take Frizbee for Blaenau Festiniog for example.

Pity Welsh talent doesn’t get enough support, either from the larger Media wheels like BBC, or from the public, to flourish.

In an independent Wales where people could afford to follow their passions backed by a supportive infrastructure, culture and a sufficient income for all regardless of employment, our talented citizens could grow and develop in an facilitative atmosphere.

– – –

Sufficient income for all – without have a ‘proper’ job? I can hear people remarking. The fact is that a basic income, created as a government-backed fiat currency as a central plank of monetary reform, paid to all citizens regardless of employment or savings, is not only financially feasible but would be economically beneficial in a Debt Free Wales (or any Western country for that matter).

When we are no longer slaves of this phoney debt economy, the creative side of the Welsh can and will flourish.

In the meantime I can only admire the tenacity of Welsh artists and musicians to continue creating in this poisonous unsupportive atmosphere.

Royal Wedding Disapointment

I just got in after 18 days at sea and discovered the grand royal wedding of William and Kate was done and dusted.

No big deal. I have no obsession with the royals or any other celebrities for that matter.

But I was mildly disappointed it wasn’t held in Wales. We missed out on making a small mint selling souvenirs to crowds of brainwashed English folk.

Don’t know why I was thinking it was to take place in Caernarfon. Maybe I got it muddled with the coronation thing.

But no grudges. Let the English have their day with their silly hats and union jacks. I only feel sorry for the small number of royalist adoring Welsh morons. There are a still a few around – almost all over 80 years of age mind you.

Weddings come and go. Royal lines come and go. And in time, the English grip on our nation will go.

It’s loosening every day, every month every year.

It is no longer a question of if Wales will be free but simply when it will be free – free to carve out its own destiny  – an ancient nation with a solid future.

The king is dead. Long live the Welsh Republic.

Fe ddaw ein dydd.

A Welsh Republican Response to the Impending Royal Wedding

Disclaimer: Apart from a brief visit in January I have been out of Cymru since last summer, sailing to Ireland, later Lanzarote, and now find myself in the West Indies. So I’m not totally up on current events.

Despite my distance, I’ve gathered from the BBC world service that a big royal wedding dodo is planned for this spring sometime. Prince William is getting married to his longtime girlfriend whats-her-name. (I do however have a dim memory of what the bride-to-be looks like having seen a picture of the couple on a tabloid cover a long time ago – a pretty girl with long brown hair?)

My guess is that most of the English will make a big hullabloo over this and the BBC, fulfilling its mission, will try to give the impression that the Welsh and Scottish admire and respect the English Aristocracy as much as the English themselves. They will be correct to a degree – or more specifically the Welsh who were born prior to 1935 – a generation that has been remarkably brainwashed into veneration of everything “British” facilitated by the trauma of World War 2.

For some reason I have the notion that the couple will be wedded in Wales, maybe Caernarvon Castle? If that’s the case, there will surely be Welsh nationalist “protesters” denouncing royalty with placards and the like, who in turn will be totally and utterly ignored by the entire British media machine.

As a republican committed to an independent Welsh Republic (outside the European Union like the two most prosperous and happy nations in Western Europe – Norway and Switzerland), what’s my take on the up and coming royal wedding ?

I will give this event all the attention it deserves. In other words I’m going to ignore it. And that, I believe is the best course for all us died-in-the-wool nationalists.

Suppose you make an anti-royal protest and surprisingly get some media attention (highly unlikely as it may be). What’s the end result? You come across right sourpuss. A miserable unhappy spoiler. You won’t further the cause of Welsh independence one iota.

The entire social pyramid of aristocracy so carefully crafted by the Normans (and stupidity worshiped by the subjugated English) is a really rotten social order. But on another level I almost feel sorry for those who were born into the royal family. It’s akin to being born into a jail. The cage is public scrutiny and there is no escape. It is a life sentence.

So I have no desire to try and make their miserable lives even worse through public protest against a young couple hitching the knot (although I’ve never cared for marriage myself but that’s an issue for another post in the future).

royal wedding in walesIf it is being held in Wales we should get busy at making souvenirs to sell to the masses of silly English who will flock to the occasion. When it’s over they’ll take home their Made in Wales royal wedding t-shirts, hats,tea towels,plates,etc. and we’ll be left with our pockets stuffed full of English pounds and a smile on our face :D.

A royal wedding isn’t something to love or hate. It’s certainly not something to be taken too seriously. Only the mentally deficient get wrapped up in royal soap operas. Don’t you be one of the bumpkins either adoring or decrying the event.

So to sum up, just ignore it. Paying it attention, either negative or positive, just feeds it.

Wales is on the road (slowly but surely) to regain its rightful independence. And it really doesn’t matter two hoots whether England remains socially retarded cringing and bowing before their ‘superiors’, or if they become once again a Republic, as it was in the 1650’s.

Wales is not England and England is not Wales.

Why Wales deserves (needs) Independence – part 2

It is an inevitable fact in democracies, indeed all forms of governance, that:

the further away the decision makers are from the people who are effected by those decisions, the worse the governance.

This principle holds true regardless of time, place, or nation.

In a UK context it means that the Celtic nations, and possibly north and west England, are institutionally mismanaged.

Real democracy is participatory democracy – where the decision-making power is spread out involving those who are effected by the decisions being made. Another name for the process is subsidiarity – “an organizing principle that matters ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest or least centralized competent authority”.

The “competent authority” in a democracy is you … and me … all of us.

Of course this runs counter to groveling British society where people are brought up to believe in their inferiority and incompetence, always doffing their cap to the “authorities” crachach.

For the Welsh people to be truly free we must cast of these mental shackles of subservience that have been so cunningly crafted for us by the ruling classes for centuries. We must wake up and empower ourselves to take back the control of our lives and our nation.

Welsh Independence will take a lot more than a wholesale shift in powers from London to Cardiff. It will take a shift in general attitude and outlook.

Let’s start that shift today. Stop winning and take responsibility for your situation. Bow to no one for in the greater reality we are all equals.

The Welsh Republic must be founded on the principles of equality for all citizens. It is that principle that gives it Republican credentials – a far cry from a pathetic monarchy based on inequality by birth and association.

Why Wales deserves independence – Part 1

There are so many reason why Wales not simply needs independence but actually deserves it – in a moral sense.

I will only mention one basic reason to start. Simply put –

Wales’  incorporation into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has no legitimate or democratic basis.

The fact that a bully and tyrant known as Henry VIII unilaterally annexed Wales in to England in 1536 has no more moral basis that Adolf Hitler’s annexation of Czechoslovakia and Poland in 1939.

In the latter case we went to war to free the conquered and occupied territories of Europe. And now the score is settled.

Not so with Wales. Justice has yet to prevail. Accounts have yet to be settled.

If the Welsh people had been approached by Henry VIII, or any representative of the English nation at any time and offered a proposal of union that the Welsh could have time to debate among themselves and have a referendum, then fair enough, the union between Wales and England would have a sound, democratic, and legitimate basis.

But no such debate or vote ever took place. England and Westminster has no legitimate claim to exercise power over the Welsh nation.

I can hear the critics now saying “But the Welsh don’t want separation”.

The fact is that living in Wales means you are subjected to 24/7 brainwashing, biased slants on events, lies, and falsification from birth to death. Coming out of the telly, radio, taught in school, daily newspapers – truth and ‘reality’ twisted to suit the powers that be.

As a conquered nation we have lost our natural self-confidence. As a nation blanketed by an endless stream of English propaganda disguised as news and entertainment we remain confused with a false sense of allegiances that do not serve our collective self-interest.

No, we may not be falling over ourselves to embrace independence in such circumstances.  In fact, its almost a miracle that we still exist.

Henry VIII started the ball rolling when he declared that Welsh laws were abolished along with Cymraeg – English language and law becoming the official tools of sate power and justice.

Today we call it cultural genocide. That’s right. For the past five centuries the English powers that be have attempted to snuff out Wales and the Welsh.

But were still here. Confused with our head stuffed daily with all sorts of twisted truth and lies perhaps. But still here.

Kind of puts the old dismissal “but the Welsh don’t want independence” in context, doesn’t it?

The only legitimate way Wales could be in union with England is to allow Wales freedom for at least one generation where we control our own media and reality, teach brutally honest Welsh history in schools (and stop obsessing about the Battle of Hastings and William Shakespeare). Give us a generation to clear our heads of all the rubbish that’s been shoved in there. Then we can have an honest and open debate and referendum on union with England.

And you know what? After a generation of breathing the air of freedom, do you really think we’ll be eager to give it all up and go back to our servile position as playing England’s second fiddle and cheap resource basket?

I don’t think so.

More to come …

The Debt Illusion

This past month I’ve been hanging out in the the Irish Republic – Cork, Munster to be exact.

The Irish are bemoaning “the recession”. Unemployment is high but public debt is the main cause of concern.

All political parties, just as in the UK, have agreed that the public debt must be reduced and public expenditure must be slashed.

Yes, you heard that right. The general population is suffering from a decrease in income and the general consensus is the only solution is to decrease their income even more!

It’s complete collective idiocy based on a profound misunderstanding as to the nature of money, where it comes from, and how it can be used to secure a sound economy.

The first thing that has to be done (and an independent Wales would have this option) is for once and for all separate money and debt. The financial elites have bamboozled us over the past few generations that all money must be linked to interest-bearing debt. It’s how the financial elites keep the cream (interest) for themselves and grow fat while the rest of us become debt-slaves on a treadmill with no hope of getting off.

I’ll talk more about this later but here’s the jist – 95%+ of all money in the Western economies is interest-bearing debt. Where did it all come from? Simple. When you borrow from a bank it creates the money out of nothing. Yes, nothing. Presto. That’s why it’s called fiat currency. It shows up as credit in your account but the catch is you have to pay it back with interest. And yes, the bank keeps the interest and the the main sum when you pay it back. good deal for the banks. Slavery and a massive con for everyone else – including governments – who have been duped into thinking they have to borrow money from the banks to finance public expenditure. Hence the public debt.

That’s right. An entire nation is enslaved in debt, including the government, to a small group of smug bankers, who simply made the money available by typing it into the borrows account.

You see, money is just electronic numbers these days. Less that 3% is paper bills and coins – created by the government as debt free legal tender. The rest is a massive con job.

A free and independent Wales would need no public debt.

A free Wales wouldn’t need full employment – a basic income distributed to all citizens would suffice.

An independent Welsh republic could abolish income tax – a ridiculous idea from inception.

An independent Wales could manage its own debt-free money supply for the benefit of all.

A civilized Welsh republic could make bankers do what most people think they do now – lend money they already have. And if they haven’t got enough money to lend? They would have to borrow it from the government.

That would be a sensible arrangement. Let’s turn the debt tables around. If there’s any debt it should be the financiers owing the state, not the other way around.

When will we wake up? When will we see that the financial emperor has no cloths?When will Wales be free?

The sooner the better!

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