Plaid Cymru – How the mighty has fallen

The establishment of the National Assembly for Wales (a title that infers it’s an Anglo-British institution gifted to Wales, not a Welsh institution) has possibly been the worst thing to happen to Plaid Cymru.

It has gone from being a Welsh national party fighting for the Welsh nation to a Party of Wales hoping for a greater role in the National Assembly for Wales to serve the ‘people of Wales’ with better government services.

The degradation of Plaid Cymru from the champions of the Welsh nation to regional party operating in Wales is amply evident when comparing election broadcasts of today and back in 1974.

Below is Plaid Cymru’s latest political broadcast in a run up to the Assembly elections on 5 May.

What’s their plan for Wales? Better government services. And hope (they get more votes).

Not a whisper of national aspirations, like our nation, culture, language, freedom, independence.

Not a whisper of how we are being bullied and exploited by Brussels and London.

The words ‘Welsh’ and ‘nation’ have been whitewashed out of their discourse – probably due to a politically correct adherence to multiculturalism and never-ending global political integration.

It appears that Plaid Cymru transformed from our national champions to our smiling undertakers.

To better appreciate the transformation I’m talking about, have a listen to Gwynfor Evans addressing our nation 42 years ago in 1974.

Gwynfor unashamedly refers to ‘us Welsh’ and ‘our nation’.

He reminds us that unlike the English nation, we are an ancient nation with a deep and rich heritage.

He reminds us that its both honorable and our right to fight for freedom – because our freedom was never given away, just brutally robbed from us.

This is the Plaid Cymru I joined many years ago. The Plaid Cymru that was Welsh. The Plaid Cymru that fought for our nation, whatever the odds.

Plaid Cymru was a party that stood on principle. It was a party that could inspire – not bore with vague public administration policies.

It appears that the modern version of Plaid Cymru has got its head stuck so far up the bowels of Assembly committee-land it is beyond redemption.

Which means we need a new Welsh national party unafraid to say it like it is and ‘stick it to the man’.

Given that Plaid Glyndwr has seemed to gone into hibernation, only the voters of Newport West will be given an opportunity to cast an authentic vote for the Welsh nation.

See Sovereign Cymru’ s press release posted below:

– – –
New party Cymru Sovereign calling for Welsh sovereignty from Westminster and the EU standing in the Welsh Assembly elections.

The party, officially established in March 2016, believes that Wales should be a fully sovereign state in the world, out of the control of both the Westminster establishment in London as well as the undemocratic European Union. The party also wants to see a publicly owned Central Bank of Wales and the creation of a debt free Welsh pound currency.

Other policies include a common sense firm but fair points system for immigration in to Wales and the scrapping of the current disastrous local development housing plans. These have seen the Welsh Government admitting on record that they want to build a disproportionate 190,000 new households in Wales ‘for UK needs’ rather than Welsh needs in the next 20 years. Cymru Sovereign urges the need to scrap these plans and instead ensure that new and social housing are built to cater for local needs first and foremost.

The party is putting forward its first candidate, party founder Gruff Meredith in Newport West constituency in the Welsh Assembly elections on May 5th.

More details and the party manifesto can be found on the party’s official website:

EU election in Wales 2014 – Why I won’t be voting for Plaid Cymru

Wales EU election 2014Just like many people in the south Wales valleys who line up every election to vote for Labour – largely out of unthinking cultural conditioning – many people across Wales will vote for Plaid Cymru in the EU election in Wales 2014.

Like their Labour-voting counterparts, they will do so believing it is the best choice for the Welsh nation and their patriotic duty.

However, if they stopped to consider the consequences of their actions, the consequences of supporting an ever growing European Union superstate, whether it be through returning Labour or Plaid Cymru bums to EU seats, they would have to change their habits.

The fact is that the European Union is bad for Wales, possibly even worse than the UK. The sooner we get out of it, the better.

There is a mountain of evidence supporting that assertion.

For example, just the other day I got a letter from Welsh government minister Mark Drakeford concerning my petition to legislate for bilingual labelling on food products sold in Wales, (like they have in most countries with two official languages).

He clearly stated that because Welsh is not a recognised language in the EU, and the EU controls how food may be labelled in the EU zone, such Welsh legislation is a non-starter.

I replied that the Welsh government should enact the legislation anyway and fight it out in the courts if necessary. But I don’t think the Labour-led government has the backbone to stand up for Wales. Unfortunately, neither does Plaid Cymru.

jill evans EU election Wales 2014The real motivation behind Plaid Cymru’s EU election drive is Jill Evans, the party’s ‘President’, who has enjoyed the perks and pleasures of Brussels going on 15 years now. According to one Plaid Cymru insider and whistleblower, she spends much of her time in Brussels championing the political aspirations of Arabs in Palestine. Whatever she has been doing over there, she certainly hasn’t managed to get the Welsh language accepted as a legitimate.

If you believe the lie that we need the EU funds for jobs and economy then you would do best to disabuse yourself from that notion. EU funding is like the drug heroin. It may feel good when you get a shot, but it is highly addictive and will slowly kill you.

EU structural funds have one central purpose – to open up every nook and cranny of the European continent to infiltration from large international corporations. They may create a few jobs up front but at the cost of a long-term sustainable economy for our children and grandchildren. A largely independent local economy is an essential component if we are ever able to look to the future with confidence – knowing that some distant corporate decision in New York or Tokyo isn’t going to devastate our community.

It’s no surprise that the two most prosperous and economically secure countries in Western Europe, Norway and Switzerland, are the only two countries that are NOT a member of the EU.

Bottom line: not only do we not need EU finance to have a successful and vibrant economy here in Wales – we’d be far better off without it.

The evidence that the EU is actually bad for countries – especially little nations like Wales – is undeniable. We need a political movement that puts Wales first, not stand in the que with cap in hand as Plaid Cymru would have us do.

Yet like heroin addicts, Plaid Cymru, along with other professional political parties, deny the reality preferring to defend and champion their supplier, the EU.

If you need any more evidence how the EU is bad for us, just look how the troika (EU, ECB, & IMF) has gutted and asset-stripped Greece throwing the entire country into mass unemployment and poverty with no end in sight.

They have sold the Irish into perpetual debt-slavery, and similar harsh measures are in store for Italy, Spain and Portugal.

The EU latest antic, now acting like a superstate complete with a foreign minister (Baroness Ashton), has been instigating the overthrow of an elected government in Ukraine (that wasn’t pro EU) and supporting a pro EU fascist take-over.

Do you really want to be part of this monster? Wake up folks!

If there’s one thing that all pro EU parties say – it’s that the EU needs to be changed. Indeed. The fact is that the EU will only continue to grow in power until we are all completely under the thumb of the unelected commissionaires of Brussels.

For the sake of of Wales, indeed for the sake of Europe, DO NOT vote for Plaid Cymru or any other party that wants to stay in the European Union.

Vote for one of the parties that DO NOT support EU. Or spoil your ballet. Or don’t vote.

Here’s a list of political parties running in the 22 May EU election in Wales:

In the GET OUT OF EU camp

Britain First

British National Party


Socialist Labour Party



In the STAY IN EU camp

Conservative Party

Green Party

Labour Party

Liberal Democrat Party

Plaid Cymru

Also on the Welsh ballot paper, the Socialist Party of Great Britain will be represented. They don’t seem to have any policy regarding the EU so it’s any one’s guess.

There is no mainstream political party with the resolve to speak the truth about the EU but if your politics is left-leaning then the NO2EU with frontrunner Robert Griffiths (formerly of the now defunct Communist Party) is probably the best place to vote. Or the Socialist Labour Party (although the name puts me off).

If your politics are more right-leaning then you can take your pick. UKIP is slated to do well in England, but its fate in Wales remains to be seen.

Personally, I don’t know who I’m going to vote for this election. If there was a choice to select “None of the above”, that would probably be my choice 😉 .







Time for a Gold-backed Welsh Pound?

Solution One: Gold-backed Welsh currency

austerity measures protesterThe Welsh economy is receding, hard times are here. Worse is coming, (as with the rest of the UK and the EU). We are in a recession – which means the volume and circulation of money is shrinking.

The Westminster government is doing its part by cutting the budget and shrinking the money supply further. Why be a little sick when we can be easily made even sicker? !#-*(“!!

The Welsh Assembly needs to actually DO something to turn the Welsh economy around – which is not so hard to accomplish when you start messing around with the money supply.

Don’t be alarmed at that suggestion. The money supply has always been messed around with in the UK, at least since 1695 when the Bank of England was established and the National Debt began (and grown ever since).

And even before that, English monarchs used to call in the silver pennies, melt them down, mix in cheaper metal like copper, and then print a whole lot more coins – and keep the “new money” as additional revenue :D.

Money and fiddling the monetary system are two sides of the same coin.

Or to put it in another way:

if you’re not doing the fiddling – you’re the one being fiddled!

We all know that the banks are screwing us (with the support of the Westminster government bailouts). It has been calculated that interest charges woven into the system (essentially a private banker’s tax) increase the prices of goods and services on average by 35% to 40%.

Isn’t it time we democratically turned the tables here in Wales?

There is a wide range of measures the Assembly could take to get the Welsh economy rolling by massaging the money supply, but for the purpose of simplicity I’m going to focus on only one solution today –  a way of fiddling the money supply that is both simple, legal and foolproof – establishing a gold-backed currency for Wales.

And no, it won’t cost Wales a penny. On the contrary it would increase our money stock substantially. It makes us money. Lots of it. Money for nothing – just like the bankers.

Wels gold-backed moneyEstablishing a gold-backed Welsh pound could be easily accomplished by converting the annual block grant (the tax money the Assembly gets back each year from London) of around £15 billion into physical gold, stored in a ‘Welsh Fort Knox’. Then the Assembly simply deposits £15 billion gold-backed Welsh pounds into the Assembly’s bank account as its yearly budget.

In a sense we’ve just doubled our money. A portion of the gold-backed Welsh pounds may leave Wales, but the £15 billion in physical gold bullion will remain :).

Bank of Scotland and Bank of Clydesdale poundsThe Assembly could use it to pay for their services as they normally would with English pounds. Of course, sufficient amounts of paper Welsh pounds would need to meet local demand and use, like the Bank of Scotland and Clydesdale Bank pounds in Scotland.

Okay, that’s interesting, you may say – but how is that going to help the Welsh economy?

I’m glad you asked.

A gold-backed Welsh currency would be the only currency in the EU that is not just backed by toxic bank debt and fabricated, false confidence. It would quickly establish itself as a currency of substance in stark distinction to debt-based fiat currencies that represent liabilities, not assets. (This worthless debt-based fiat money now rules the world as the Euro, the US dollar and Sterling pound – the rot at the centre of our economic system.)

The stature of gold-backed Welsh pounds would give Welsh business the upper hand in business dealings worldwide. After all, would you rather be paid in gold-backed money, or worthless paper representing toxic debt?

Most importantly, a gold-backed Welsh pound would not be prone to a continual devaluing through inflation – a chronic and unavoidable symptom of debt-based currencies like Sterling and the Euro.

If pegged to the Sterling like the Bank of Scotland and the Clydesdale Bank pounds, the volume of Welsh pounds would grow without cost. If floated on the open market, the value of the Welsh pound in relation to Sterling and other world currencies would rise, as would the Welsh economy in general.

However you look at it, establishing a gold-backed currency would immediately place Wales on a sounder economic footing than our two nearest neighbours, England and Ireland.

The only real debate worth having is whether we let the gold-backed Welsh pound float on the open market, or peg it to the English pound. There’s are benefits to both approaches.

Those who would feel obliged through tradition or pressure to oppose a gold-backed Welsh currency would probably repeat the worn-out mantra:

“Mainstream economists don’t agree to returning to the gold standard.”

Given the state of the economy these days there is a good argument for dismissing anything the “mainstream economists” might advise. Mainstream economics have brought us oppressive debt and now austerity misery while stressing out the ecosystem of the planet. Mainstream economics has been thoroughly discredited.

(If you still have any doubts about the credibility of mainstream economics and government fiscal policies, click here for some education.)

I have floated the idea of a gold-backed Welsh currency to a number of ‘non-mainstream’ economists and the only argument against it was from HW, a dyed-in-the-wool British nationalist, who complained it might undermine the sovereignty of the English pound. (Yes, that’s the same HW who once disclosed his fantasy of blowing up the Welsh Assembly so we could go back to direct rule from London.) In short, there are no credible arguments against a gold-backed Welsh currency.

So how much would Wales gain if it started a gold-backed currency?

5 yeqar gold price increase

Over 5 years the price of gold has risen 168% from £399 per ounce to £1,050 per ounce today. Given the increasingly dire state of debt-based economies, the black-hole of swelling debt, and the continuing march to collapse, reason would say that the price of gold will rise exponentially over the next 5 years. Speculators are predicting a 300% to 1000% increase over the next few years.

But just to be very conservative, let’s say that gold slows in price growth to only a 20% increase per annum over the next 5 years. So 15 billion times 3 billion per annum increase equals 45 billion. So even with a conservative estimate an additional £45,000,000,000 (45 billion) would be created for the Welsh economy over 5 years. Or to put it another way, an additional £15,000 for every Welsh man, woman and child.

Mind you, the fact that China along with International Banks world over have been buying and stockpiling gold like crazy over the past year clearly shows that confidence in debt-based money is crumbling and the world economy will continue to collapse. This means we are quickly approaching a spike in gold prices.  Rises to a 1000% or more over the next 5 years is very likely.

How much would a Welsh gold-backed currency gain in this probable event? – an extra £750 billion pounds, or  £250,000 per woman, man and child – or around 1 million pounds  per two child family!

Seems too incredible to believe? You do the sums. It’s not Rocket Science!

That additional funding could be sent directly to all Welsh residents as a Citizen’s Basic Income (without means testing), along with the elimination of council tax.  The effect would be a super-charged Welsh economy.

The unambitious could retire early and live off the interest. Others could go into business on their own. The bottom line is financial freedom for everyone. No debts. Money in the bank.  Good money –  backed by gold.

The  weakest point to adopting a gold-backed currency for Wales would be our lack of border control; our powerlessness to stem a highly probable flood of economic migrants from England and Ireland. To solve that problem we would need an independent Wales, independent of London and Brussels – step two :).

The bottom line is this: given the perilous state of the world economy with chronic recession and inflation, and another six years of ‘austerity’ in the pipeline pushing us towards an impending economic collapse – what have we got to lose? It’s time to think outside of the box. It’s time to do new things.

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. That pretty much sums up the Welsh Assembly’s approach to our economy so far. Isn’t it time we stopped being pig-stubborn and stupid? Isn’t it time we did something different? A gold-backed Welsh currency would be a good start!

Leanne’s proposals – re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic

leanne wood plaid cymruLeanne Wood, newly elected Leader of Plaid Cymru The Party Of Wales, has outlined a programme to revive the Welsh economy see: Plan C. As is usual for virtually all mainstream political parties these days, it boils down to “re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic” rather than exposing the underlying causes and proposing necessary radical changes to the system.

Unsurprisingly, she starts with the standard put-down of Wales with the usual labour-like-lefty moaning refrain: “we’re sooo poor – it’s not fair!, etc. etc.”.

She then calls for “the devolution of borrowing powers and responsibility over macro-economic levers” and a change in public procurement policy.

Regarding procurement policy, the way it works these days is through competitive bidding – with the ‘best value for money’ (lowest bid) almost invariably winning. Yes, that means that outside corporate interests can usually win these bidding wars ensuring that tax money returned to Wales quickly disappears again, keeping the economy short on cash.

Leanne Wood is absolutely correct in questioning this ‘best value’ approach to public procurement but her proposals to change it is just hot air and would never fly – because it directly conflicts with one of Plaid Cymru’s most cherished goals – to become another vassal state of the European Union.

The EU is all about protecting the interests of the financial elites and corporate power. It is the EU that forces competitive tendering and ‘best value’ procurement ensuring that money always moves up, and the growing divide between the uber-rich and the rest of us is maintained and strengthened. You only have to see the current brutalisation of the Greek, Spanish and Irish people by the EU troika’s* austerity demands if you have any doubts what membership in the EU really means.

“Progressive procurement” as Leanne calls it is good idea, but impossible in Plaid Cymru’s larger vision for Wales.

As for the devolution of “borrowing powers” – that’s a no starter. In fact it’s a very narrow-minded approach to reviving the Welsh economy. Wales, like the rest of the Western world, is already suffering under crippling debt levels. The UK government has allowed commercial banks to take control of 97.3% (and growing) of the entire UK money stock – meaning that debt-slavery, relentless crippling inflation. and austerity measures are built into the system.

We don’t need more debt. We need LESS debt – and more real (debt-free) money.

On that vein, it’s ironic that two speakers were invited to the Assembly in this Spring (arranged and hosted by a Labour and Conservative AM). One speaker was Ben Dyson of Positive Money. The other was a researcher from the New Economics Foundation who made an argument for the creation of a debt-free Welsh pound spent into the economy which would rapidly make Wales the most solvent and vibrant economy in Western Europe. (That’s not rocket science. It’s just basic mathematics, simple and straightforward – once you understand how the money system and economy actually work in the real world.)

What’s ironic about these monetary reform proposals made to Assembly Members and members of the public was that not one single Plaid Cymru AM bothered to come and listen – even though I personally invited (virtually insisted) that Plaid’s shadow minister for economics, Alun Ffred Jones, come to the talk!

Leanne then goes on to propose an “unconventional fiscal policy [which] involves shifting the balance from revenue spending to capital expenditure. On a macro level, the proposal is for the government to control and manipulate the economy through its enormous fiscal clout. That makes perfect sense if you adhere to an overbearing government bureaucracy controlling almost every aspect of our lives. They tried it in the USSR. Didn’t work. They are now trying it in the EU. Won’t work. It will just lead to more stagnation and collapse.

We need a Welsh government that says NO MORE! to the international financiers and corporate interests controlling people and governments around the world. Simply “window dressing politics” will no longer cut the cake. Until Leanne and Plaid Cymru are willing to admit that the financial Emperor (the City of London and the EU troika) has no clothes, and accept that we need a commonsense and radical shift away from an economy based on debt and concentration of power, they can not offer the Welsh nation annibyniaeth go iawn – real freedom or independence.

If you are a Plaid Cymru member, please tell your party bosses to pay attention to the short video below, and do some thinking.

*The troika is a slang term (Russian for triad) for for the three organizations which have the most power over member state’s financial future – or at least that future as it is defined within the European Union. The three groups are the European Commission (EC), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the European Central Bank (ECB).

The Great Money Fraud

Or how Wales and the rest of the world is being totally screwed over

These last few weeks we’ve seen panic and turmoil in Euroland as the very future of the European Union is in question over the mounting debt crises in Greece, and other geographically peripheral nations.

The Technocrats have made a bid for power attempting to bring in a new EU treaty that would essentially consolidate power in Brussels to control national government’s expenditures.

In other words, democracy overturned in the name of ‘fiscal responsibility’.

The whole project is a complete sham and fraud. Let me explain why.

Nations of the European Union are like most other nations worldwide these days – they have debts that far outstrip the total supply of money.

How is that possible? Because over 95% of the money supply (around 97.2% in the UK) is debt money, fabricated by the banks out of thin air (fiat currency) as debt to be paid back with interest – for their own profits.

This ridiculous, deceitful and fraudulent system for supplying nations with a money stock is why:

  • we (governments,individuals & companies) are always in debt
  • the average debt per individual rises every year (currently average  £29,532 owed per head in the UK)
  • we have to have forced economic growth every year (until the planet packs itself in)
  • we try to achieve full employment rather than full lives

The list could go on and on because the negative effects of a fraudulent and defective monetary system is almost endless.

So why is Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland in such a debt ridden mess while France and Germany are more solvent?

It’s because of their location, on the edges of the EU transport network.

You see, taking just the Eurozone countries, the ‘free-trade’ the technocrats champion is actually economic warfare.

Because all the countries are saddled with huge unrepayable debts (because that’s where the Euro, indeed all ‘modern money’ comes from) to remain afloat it is essential to achieve a balance of trade in their favour. In other words, to keep their debts serviced they have to get money from elsewhere (sell more than they buy).

France and Germany, being in the centre of this trade zone have a physical advantage to roll out their manufactured products to the peripheral nations. The peripheral nations get the goods and the debt which keeps France and Germany from going under.

In other words, nations like Greece and Italy are helping France and Germany pay the interest on their debts while their themselves become insolvent.

In this debt-based economy, nations must engage in trade balance warfare just to survive.

Mind you, it’s survival just for the winners. There has to be losers in this system. Some one has to end up with more debt than it can keep paying the interest on. The international trade / debt system is like the children’s game Musical Chairs.

In the EU version of Musical Chairs there are a lot less chairs than players. In this latest round, Ireland, Greece, Italy Spain and Portugal have been left standing. And its’ given the unelected technocrats in Brussels all the excuse they needed to have democratically elected leaders in Greece and Italy removed and replaced by ‘Banksters’ – the people most responsible for the problems in the first place.

Listen to Max Keiser’s take on this fiasco below. He’s one of the few economists who dares to break rank and state the obvious. (Reporting from Paris via Moscow – I don’t think any Western media would allow him a voice)

If you think that we’re safe here snuggled up to England – think again.

Cameron rejected the new EU’s anti-democratic treaty – which was good – but for all the wrong reasons. He admitted (boasted even) that he wanted to protect the interests of the financial elites that make London their home. Some of the biggest crooks in the banking world, fraudulently bilking billions from the system live in London, protected by the UK establishment.

Not only is there no protection for Wales staying in the UK, we’re almost guaranteed to go down the tubes if we don’t get off this growing debt whirlpool and return to a sound monetary system – debt free Wales.

Here’s a glimpse of the latest statistics I gleaned from the Bank of England statistics:

UK Money Supply Autumn 2011

Personal debt

  • average household debt (including mortgages) £55,795
  • average owed by each adult £29,532
  • average intererst paid per houshold per year £2,440

total mortgage debt: £1,242 billion
total credit/loan debt: £209 billion
total personal debt: £1,451 billion
total commercial debt:  £1,241 billion
total Pubic (government) debt: £974 billion
total debt: £3,666 billion (or 3.666 trillion)
notes and coins (debt free money): £61 billion (or 2.8% of the total money supply)
total money supply: £2,132 billion
total money owed:   £3,666 billion
shortfall:          £1,534 billion

That’s right, the UK owes 1.5 trillion pounds more than there even exists. Talk about a black-hole debt!

In other words, if every English pound in existence went to pay outstanding debts, there would not be a penny left in any account – business, personal, or the governments – and we’d still owe 1.5 trillion … or 1,534 billion … or or 1,534,000 million …  or 1,534,000,000 … or one and a half million million.

The monetary situation in the UK and around the world is totally absurd, totally unjustified, and totally corrupt. It is virtually screwing us all – nations and people.

It’s time people woke up and opened their eyes. It’s time to proclaim that the The Emperor (the monetary system) Has No Clothes!

Plaid Cymru Duplicity

A long time ago in a previous century I joined Plaid Cymru because I’m a Welsh nationalist who believes in the importance of the Welsh nation reclaiming its right to be a free and independent people.

Out of nostalgia I still have my Party card with the aims stated on the back, foremost among them:

  • Sicrhau hunan-lwyodraeth i Gymru a sefydlu gwladwriaeth ddemocrataidd, yn seliedig ar egwyddorian sosialaidd.
  • To secure self-government for Wales and a democratic Welsh state, based on socialist principles.

A “democratic Welsh state” is simply another way of saying a Welsh Republic.  So why didn’t they say it?  Probably due to Plaid Cymru’s longstanding and greatest fault – institutionalised fear of upsetting anyone, especially the British Establishment.

Another problem with that aim was the escape clause – “based on socialist principles”. Nothing wrong with socialist principles – unless they supersede democratic principles – which they clearly do in this aim.

In a democratic state, a genuine republic, the people decide on what principles they which to be governed – not a sanctimonious inner circle of smug patronising intellectuals who feel they know better than y werin, the commoners.

And that’s always been the problem with Plaid Cymru – a party run by an Ivory Tower Inner Circle that holds in disdain the views and interests of the grass-roots membership and in tandem, the Welsh people themselves.  Perhaps on some gut level people can sense this – which would go a long way to explain the inability of Plaid Cymru to become a the main political force in our country.

In 2001 when this smug inner circle staged a coup of the Party’s aims wiping out the old ones and replacing them with watered down new ones – designed to offend no one – with no mention of an independent Welsh state. It was pushed through in a ‘special conference’ in Builth Wells.

Despite myself and a couple of other Welsh nationalists passionately arguing against this betrayal, the majority of the delegates behaved like sheep and approved the changes to please their masters.

The majority of Party delegates betrayed the principles and founders of Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru (as it was first known) out of sheer acquiescence and cowardice, deferring to the Party’s  inner circle  – who were more than ready to sell out their own Party and country to please their masters – the UK establishment.

Sheep, the lot of them. That’s also the day I left Plaid Cymru as it was no longer a place for Welsh republicans (if it ever was).

So here we are 10 years on, A ‘fakebook friend’ informed me that Plaid Cymru has now changed its aims once again and has introduced the word ‘independence’ into it’s aims. Sure enough, the new foremost aim reads:

“secure independence for Wales in Europe”

The problem with this newly worded aim is that it’s an oxymoron – meaning that it contradicts itself and is virtually meaningless. How so?

“In Europe” can mean only one thing – being a member of the European Union. The fact is – you cannot be simultaneously be a member of the European Union and independent – any more than Wales can be independent and part of the UK.

Both political structures, the UK and the EU, represent an erosion of democracy and self-determination. It is rule from a distant body outside the democratic control of the people.

Independence in the European Union? What a joke. It’s hard to say if those who worded this new aim are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the Party membership – or they are just too thick themselves to grasp the contradiction.

For those who would argue that we have to be in the European Union for the sake of our economy (yes, we’re back on our knees again), it might be worthwhile to point out that the two most prosperous and secure nations in Western Europe are the two who are not members of the EU – namely Norway and Switzerland.

Membership in the EU would not only rob us of the independence we crave, it would also impoverish us in the long-run, after we have spent the financial bribes that will undoubtedly be offered to keep us under our new master’s thumb.

Take a look at Ireland. What a sad story that is. They gave their blood, sweat and tears to win independence from the UK only a couple of generations ago. Now their cowardly politicians have handed it back to Brussels resulting in Ireland becoming a  bankrupt vassal state of Euroland. Way to go guys!

Irish-born Pat Condell tells the story of the Irish experience of European Union membership without all the bullshit we’ve come accustomed to mainstream media fact twisting.

Let it be a warning to Wales, and those EU loving sycophants in Plaid Cymru.

Why Wales deserves (needs) Independence – part 2

It is an inevitable fact in democracies, indeed all forms of governance, that:

the further away the decision makers are from the people who are effected by those decisions, the worse the governance.

This principle holds true regardless of time, place, or nation.

In a UK context it means that the Celtic nations, and possibly north and west England, are institutionally mismanaged.

Real democracy is participatory democracy – where the decision-making power is spread out involving those who are effected by the decisions being made. Another name for the process is subsidiarity – “an organizing principle that matters ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest or least centralized competent authority”.

The “competent authority” in a democracy is you … and me … all of us.

Of course this runs counter to groveling British society where people are brought up to believe in their inferiority and incompetence, always doffing their cap to the “authorities” crachach.

For the Welsh people to be truly free we must cast of these mental shackles of subservience that have been so cunningly crafted for us by the ruling classes for centuries. We must wake up and empower ourselves to take back the control of our lives and our nation.

Welsh Independence will take a lot more than a wholesale shift in powers from London to Cardiff. It will take a shift in general attitude and outlook.

Let’s start that shift today. Stop winning and take responsibility for your situation. Bow to no one for in the greater reality we are all equals.

The Welsh Republic must be founded on the principles of equality for all citizens. It is that principle that gives it Republican credentials – a far cry from a pathetic monarchy based on inequality by birth and association.

Why Wales deserves independence – Part 1

There are so many reason why Wales not simply needs independence but actually deserves it – in a moral sense.

I will only mention one basic reason to start. Simply put –

Wales’  incorporation into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has no legitimate or democratic basis.

The fact that a bully and tyrant known as Henry VIII unilaterally annexed Wales in to England in 1536 has no more moral basis that Adolf Hitler’s annexation of Czechoslovakia and Poland in 1939.

In the latter case we went to war to free the conquered and occupied territories of Europe. And now the score is settled.

Not so with Wales. Justice has yet to prevail. Accounts have yet to be settled.

If the Welsh people had been approached by Henry VIII, or any representative of the English nation at any time and offered a proposal of union that the Welsh could have time to debate among themselves and have a referendum, then fair enough, the union between Wales and England would have a sound, democratic, and legitimate basis.

But no such debate or vote ever took place. England and Westminster has no legitimate claim to exercise power over the Welsh nation.

I can hear the critics now saying “But the Welsh don’t want separation”.

The fact is that living in Wales means you are subjected to 24/7 brainwashing, biased slants on events, lies, and falsification from birth to death. Coming out of the telly, radio, taught in school, daily newspapers – truth and ‘reality’ twisted to suit the powers that be.

As a conquered nation we have lost our natural self-confidence. As a nation blanketed by an endless stream of English propaganda disguised as news and entertainment we remain confused with a false sense of allegiances that do not serve our collective self-interest.

No, we may not be falling over ourselves to embrace independence in such circumstances.  In fact, its almost a miracle that we still exist.

Henry VIII started the ball rolling when he declared that Welsh laws were abolished along with Cymraeg – English language and law becoming the official tools of sate power and justice.

Today we call it cultural genocide. That’s right. For the past five centuries the English powers that be have attempted to snuff out Wales and the Welsh.

But were still here. Confused with our head stuffed daily with all sorts of twisted truth and lies perhaps. But still here.

Kind of puts the old dismissal “but the Welsh don’t want independence” in context, doesn’t it?

The only legitimate way Wales could be in union with England is to allow Wales freedom for at least one generation where we control our own media and reality, teach brutally honest Welsh history in schools (and stop obsessing about the Battle of Hastings and William Shakespeare). Give us a generation to clear our heads of all the rubbish that’s been shoved in there. Then we can have an honest and open debate and referendum on union with England.

And you know what? After a generation of breathing the air of freedom, do you really think we’ll be eager to give it all up and go back to our servile position as playing England’s second fiddle and cheap resource basket?

I don’t think so.

More to come …

Voice of a free Wales

A friend of mine from Canada who had never been to Europe let alone Wales once made the remark to me – “Wales – the most conquered country in the world.”

At least that’s what he associated with Wales.  Conquered, subdued, beaten, again and again and again.

And he was not far off the mark. I’m not talking about the 12th to 15th centuries when Norman warlords and their English lapdogs brutalized the Welsh for generations – terrorizing the gwerin with public torture displays of cruel power.

I’m talking about today – the living breathing Welsh Nation. How subdued and cowardly we’ve become. Always ready to please our masters, to do their bidding, to seek their approval – whether it’s public deference to the English Royal Family or simply lining up like sheep every four years to vote for one of the major British/English parties in London.

We have become slaves accustomed to our chains displaying a mock bravado when challenged.

This gives voice of a free Wales, marginalized but never totally silenced. Always present. Underground, but living on.