Why Wales deserves independence – Part 1

There are so many reason why Wales not simply needs independence but actually deserves it – in a moral sense.

I will only mention one basic reason to start. Simply put –

Wales’  incorporation into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has no legitimate or democratic basis.

The fact that a bully and tyrant known as Henry VIII unilaterally annexed Wales in to England in 1536 has no more moral basis that Adolf Hitler’s annexation of Czechoslovakia and Poland in 1939.

In the latter case we went to war to free the conquered and occupied territories of Europe. And now the score is settled.

Not so with Wales. Justice has yet to prevail. Accounts have yet to be settled.

If the Welsh people had been approached by Henry VIII, or any representative of the English nation at any time and offered a proposal of union that the Welsh could have time to debate among themselves and have a referendum, then fair enough, the union between Wales and England would have a sound, democratic, and legitimate basis.

But no such debate or vote ever took place. England and Westminster has no legitimate claim to exercise power over the Welsh nation.

I can hear the critics now saying “But the Welsh don’t want separation”.

The fact is that living in Wales means you are subjected to 24/7 brainwashing, biased slants on events, lies, and falsification from birth to death. Coming out of the telly, radio, taught in school, daily newspapers – truth and ‘reality’ twisted to suit the powers that be.

As a conquered nation we have lost our natural self-confidence. As a nation blanketed by an endless stream of English propaganda disguised as news and entertainment we remain confused with a false sense of allegiances that do not serve our collective self-interest.

No, we may not be falling over ourselves to embrace independence in such circumstances.  In fact, its almost a miracle that we still exist.

Henry VIII started the ball rolling when he declared that Welsh laws were abolished along with Cymraeg – English language and law becoming the official tools of sate power and justice.

Today we call it cultural genocide. That’s right. For the past five centuries the English powers that be have attempted to snuff out Wales and the Welsh.

But were still here. Confused with our head stuffed daily with all sorts of twisted truth and lies perhaps. But still here.

Kind of puts the old dismissal “but the Welsh don’t want independence” in context, doesn’t it?

The only legitimate way Wales could be in union with England is to allow Wales freedom for at least one generation where we control our own media and reality, teach brutally honest Welsh history in schools (and stop obsessing about the Battle of Hastings and William Shakespeare). Give us a generation to clear our heads of all the rubbish that’s been shoved in there. Then we can have an honest and open debate and referendum on union with England.

And you know what? After a generation of breathing the air of freedom, do you really think we’ll be eager to give it all up and go back to our servile position as playing England’s second fiddle and cheap resource basket?

I don’t think so.

More to come …

The Debt Illusion

This past month I’ve been hanging out in the the Irish Republic – Cork, Munster to be exact.

The Irish are bemoaning “the recession”. Unemployment is high but public debt is the main cause of concern.

All political parties, just as in the UK, have agreed that the public debt must be reduced and public expenditure must be slashed.

Yes, you heard that right. The general population is suffering from a decrease in income and the general consensus is the only solution is to decrease their income even more!

It’s complete collective idiocy based on a profound misunderstanding as to the nature of money, where it comes from, and how it can be used to secure a sound economy.

The first thing that has to be done (and an independent Wales would have this option) is for once and for all separate money and debt. The financial elites have bamboozled us over the past few generations that all money must be linked to interest-bearing debt. It’s how the financial elites keep the cream (interest) for themselves and grow fat while the rest of us become debt-slaves on a treadmill with no hope of getting off.

I’ll talk more about this later but here’s the jist – 95%+ of all money in the Western economies is interest-bearing debt. Where did it all come from? Simple. When you borrow from a bank it creates the money out of nothing. Yes, nothing. Presto. That’s why it’s called fiat currency. It shows up as credit in your account but the catch is you have to pay it back with interest. And yes, the bank keeps the interest and the the main sum when you pay it back. good deal for the banks. Slavery and a massive con for everyone else – including governments – who have been duped into thinking they have to borrow money from the banks to finance public expenditure. Hence the public debt.

That’s right. An entire nation is enslaved in debt, including the government, to a small group of smug bankers, who simply made the money available by typing it into the borrows account.

You see, money is just electronic numbers these days. Less that 3% is paper bills and coins – created by the government as debt free legal tender. The rest is a massive con job.

A free and independent Wales would need no public debt.

A free Wales wouldn’t need full employment – a basic income distributed to all citizens would suffice.

An independent Welsh republic could abolish income tax – a ridiculous idea from inception.

An independent Wales could manage its own debt-free money supply for the benefit of all.

A civilized Welsh republic could make bankers do what most people think they do now – lend money they already have. And if they haven’t got enough money to lend? They would have to borrow it from the government.

That would be a sensible arrangement. Let’s turn the debt tables around. If there’s any debt it should be the financiers owing the state, not the other way around.

When will we wake up? When will we see that the financial emperor has no cloths?When will Wales be free?

The sooner the better!

Voice of a free Wales

A friend of mine from Canada who had never been to Europe let alone Wales once made the remark to me – “Wales – the most conquered country in the world.”

At least that’s what he associated with Wales.  Conquered, subdued, beaten, again and again and again.

And he was not far off the mark. I’m not talking about the 12th to 15th centuries when Norman warlords and their English lapdogs brutalized the Welsh for generations – terrorizing the gwerin with public torture displays of cruel power.

I’m talking about today – the living breathing Welsh Nation. How subdued and cowardly we’ve become. Always ready to please our masters, to do their bidding, to seek their approval – whether it’s public deference to the English Royal Family or simply lining up like sheep every four years to vote for one of the major British/English parties in London.

We have become slaves accustomed to our chains displaying a mock bravado when challenged.

This gives voice of a free Wales, marginalized but never totally silenced. Always present. Underground, but living on.

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