A new nationalist party for Wales?

The following was taken from an interview in Glowg360.com with English translation inserted.

Plaid genedlaetholgar newydd i Gymru

New nationalist party for Wales

Mae gan Gymru blaid genedlaetholgar newydd asgell dde sy’n credu mewn creu gwlad annibynnol fydda ddim yn rhan o’r Undeb Ewropeaidd.

There’s a new right-wing nationalist party that believes in creating an independent country that’s not part of the European Union.

Bwriad Plaid Glyndwr yw rhoi dewis arall i genedlaetholwyr sydd yn anghytuno efo dyhead Plaid Cymru am Gymru werdd Sosialaidd.

Plaid Glyndwr intends to offer nationalists, who disagree with Plaid Cymru’s  programme for a green socialist Wales, another choice.

“Mae yna lawer o bobol sy’n Genedlaetholwyr, ond maen nhw’n sibrwd y peth,” meddai Dennis Morris, gŵr 55 oed sy’n byw yn Wrecsam ac yn gyn-aelod o Blaid Cymru.

“There’s a lot of people who are Nationalists but they prefer to keep it quiet”, says Denis Morris, a 55 year old man who lives in Wrecsam and was a former member of Plaid Cymru.

“Does dim byd yn bod ar genedlaetholwyr. Yr oll yr ydan ni eisiau ydy rheoli ein materion ein hunain…tydan ni heb ffurfio Plaid Glyndwr i ladd ar Blaid Cymru, mae ein amcanion ni’n wahanol.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being a nationalist. All we want is to run our own affairs by ourselves … we haven’t formed Plaid Glyndwr to kill Plaid Cymru, it’s just our aims are different.”

Fydd Plaid Glyndwr ddim yn rhannu awch Plaid Cymru at ffermydd gwynt a phaneli solar.

Plaid Glyndwr won’t share Plaid Cymru’s position regarding wind farms and solar panels.

“Mae ganddon nhw’r ffantasi werdd yma, fydda’n wych mewn byd delfrydol. Ond rydan ni mewn dirwasgiad, a dylai swyddi ddod cyn unrhyw bolisïau gwyrdd.

“They’ve got a green fantasy, great in an ideal world. We’re in a tight situation and jobs should come before any green policies.”

“Ar hyn o bryd mae rhoi bwyd ar y bwrdd a thalu’r morgais yn bwysicach. Mae polisïau gwyrdd yn dda i’r amgylchedd ond yn creu ychydig iawn o swyddi.”

“For now the important thing is putting food on the table and pay the mortgage. Green policies are good for the environment but create few real jobs.”

Gwrthwynebu gwladychu

Opposing colonisation

Annhegwch mawr yng Nghymru heddiw yw bod teuluoedd o Loegr yn cael cartrefi ar rent yng Nghymru, ar draul y Cymry eu hunain, yn ôl Dennis Morris.

A big unfairness today in Wales is that a family from England can rent a house in Wales at the expense of the Welsh themselves, explains Dennis Morris.

Mae’n cyfeirio at y stori ddiweddar yn The Guardian am gynghorau Llundain yn chwilio am dai i’w rhentu ym Merthyr Tudful, ar gyfer teuluoedd fydd methu fforddio byw ym mhrifddinas Lloegr pan fydd cwtogi at fudd-daliadau fis Ebrill nesaf.

He refers to the story in The Guardian about London councils looking for houses to rent in Merthyr Tydfil for families that won’t be able afford to live in the capital city of England after cuts to their welfare benefits next April.

“Mae yna 2,000 o bobol ar restr aros [am dŷ] ym Merthyr, ac rwan mae son am drosglwyddo pobol o Lundain i Ferthyr.

“There are 2,000 people on a waiting list for housing in Merthyr, and now there’s talk about tranferring people from London to Merthyr.

“Lle mae’r 2,000 o bobol ym Merthyr i fod i fynd?

“Where are 2,000 people in Merthyr going to go?

“Ond dw i heb weld unrhyw aelod Plaid Cymru yn siarad yn erbyn hyn. Does neb wedi dweud dim.

“But I don’t see any Plaid Cymru member speaking out against it. Nobody has said anything.

“Ac eto yn y dafarn a’r swyddfa bost leol dyma mae pobol yn ei drafod. Mae pawb yn trafod hyn heblaw’r gwleidyddion. Mae hynny’n hollol anghywir.”

“And yet in the local tavern and post office there people are talking about it. Everyone is talking about it apart from the politicians. That’s completely wrong.”


  • chris m

    Food gets cultivated in fields. We have hectares of land that can be cultivated. There we could find food and jobs. Nearly everybody has a garden or knows where there is ground for cultivation. The we would.
    Europe has got us in a strangle hold as far as energy goes. So we have two methods to become more independent with regards to energy. The answer is nuclear or solar. We live in a society where consumption is increasing like the population i think solar is essential because less for the need of an electrician you are completely independent.
    So thats food and energy. Water isnt really an issue.
    Until the people are made aware that at the end of every week the go to foreign supermarket franchises and give our countries money( wealth ) to europe and profit to some billionaire in a foreign country, we are going to become poorer. Until we all decide to purchase products from local retailers so that twenty pound spent continues to circulate around our country. Rather than that £20 gone for good wales £20 poorer and left with the recycling cost and its the same with the internet. Its june 2014 and there is more opportunity out there for small bussiness start ups for local people only if the people are aware of whats going on. Say no to the foreign franchise dont give our money away it is making our country poorer. if you want to know what to sell go in to tesco asda these people have done the market research for us. Get a stall and start selling.


    • chris m

      We also need physical training projects to give the young men in our communities a purpose a sencese of pride, dicipline and loyalty. Where they can learn our language and history. This will greater social cohesion, awareness, respect and a sense of belonging.
      Young mothers should also be given more support as they have one of the most important jobs and that is raising our leaders for the future, they too should be taught our history, culture and language., and they need to understand the significant role they play in our countrys future. Their children will be our leaders and protectors.
      The welsh language should be compulsory in all schools in wales. There should be no compromise.


  • chris m

    If people are aware of the real issues and share the same belief and that is a welsh cymry. Totally independent from europe and england and believe with every breath this can be achieved through thinking then please get in touch. The opposite of courage is conformity.

    Cryfder mewn undod
    strength in unity


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